Medically Challenging Case Submission

Submission Deadline: May 30, 2014, 11:59 p.m. (CDT)

Don’t miss the opportunity to interact with fellow colleagues about the challenging cases they have managed in their hospital or practice.  This area provides physicians with a forum to share experiences; teach others how they handled a difficult situation and receive feedback regarding how others might have proceeded under the same circumstances.  All learning tracks will be represented so there is a case for every medical specialty.

Member Submissions 

Nonmember Submissions


NEW FOR 2014:
Submissions are open to members and nonmembers. There will be a $25 submission fee for nonmembers.

All MCC’s will be presented electronically in 2014. As such, there will be no hard copy posters presented. Should the abstract be accepted, there will be a $65 administrative fee.

The presenter and/or submitter will certify they were involved in the care of the patient and the preparation and submission of the case report.



  • All case titles must be in English. 
  • Type your title directly in the space provided, or copy and paste it from a word-processing program.
  • Type your title in upper and lower case letters. Do not type in all upper case letters. 
  • 100 character limit for title 
  • To use a special character(s) in your title, compose the title off line and then copy and paste the title in the space below. 


No more than ten authors (including the submitting/presenting author) can be added to the abstract. 

Please select a session category that that is relevant to your submission: Ambulatory Anesthesia, Anesthetic Action and Biochemistry, Chronic and Cancer Pain, Clinical Circulation, Clinical Neurosciences, Critical Care, Drug Disposition, Equipment, Monitoring and Engineering Technology, Experimental Circulation, Experimental Neurosciences, History and Education, Obstetric Anesthesia, Outcomes and Database Research, Patient Safety, Practice Management, Pediatric Anesthesia, Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain, Respiration and Geriatric Anesthesia.

Please choose a subspecialty track that is relevant to your case: Ambulatory Anesthesia, Cardiac Anesthesia, Critical Care Medicine, Fundamentals of Anesthesiology, Neuroanesthesia, Obstetric Anesthesia, Pain Medicine, Pediatric Anesthesia, Professional Issues, Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain.

For the purpose of ASA CME programs, provide three to five learning objectives that:

  • Are congruent with known gaps in knowledge or competency 
  • List each objective in learner-oriented, not faculty-oriented, terms 
  • List each objective in measurable terms with only one action or outcome 
  • Complete each learning objective using the statement: "Upon completion of this learning activity, participants should be able to...." 

The size limit for the case includes the Case Description only. The Case Description should be 100 Words or less.

Information may be uploaded using the "Upload a File Containing Your Case Description" button below, entered directly or copied and pasted from a prepared document using the "Enter Case Description" button below.
 - Do not include title or contact information in this text.
 - Any symbols will be retained in uploaded or pasted text.