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December 18, 2014

0.9 Percent Sodium Chloride Injection USP in 100 mL MINI-BAG PLUS Container by Baxter: Recall - Particulate Matter


FDA MedWatch Recall - Particulate Matter

November 21, 2014

FDA MedWatch - Respironics California, Esprit V1000 and V200 Ventilators: Class I Recall - Power Failure May Occur


FDA MedWatch Respironics California Esprit V1000 and V200 Ventilators Class I Recall

November 21, 2014

FDA MedWatch - Highly Concentrated Potassium Chloride Injection, 10 mEq per 100 mL by Baxter: Recall - Mislabeled


Highly Concentrated Potassium Chloride Injection 10 mEq per 100 mL by Baxter Recall Mislabeled



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Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness for Anesthesiologists
Section on Emergency Preparedness from the perspective of an anesthesiology department. The entire manual is also available here.


Family Preparedness Checklist

Your Family Disaster Supplies Kit

Your Family Disaster Plan

 Personal and Family Preparedness: is a site that contains information on personal preparedness special areas are Ready America, Ready Business, and Ready Kids. It is sponsored by Homeland Security and the Citizen Corps.

Family Preparedness Guide
State of Florida Family Preparedness Guide, available in several languages
A child-friendly, age-appropriate preparedness guide for children.

An activity booklet for young children.

American Academy of Pediatrics Family Readiness Kit
Parent’s Guide to family preparedness.

Hospital and Departmental Preparedness:

Centers for Disease Control
This planning guide addresses emergency water supply planning for hospitals and health care facilities.

Hospital Preparedness Exercises Pocket Guide
Prepared by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) to assist with the planning, conduction, and assessment of hospital preparedness exercises.

Hospital Preparedness website
Extensive set of frequently updated references. One of the best resources on all aspects of hospital preparedness.

Hospital Disaster Surge Modeling
Detailed logistical analysis of personnel and equipment over time for various scenarios.

Health Disaster Management: Guidelines for Evaluation and Research
Supplement of Prehospital and Disaster Management-2003

Hazard Vulnerability Analysis
Prepared by the University of North Texas. Details specific hazards for a variety of disaster scenarios.

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)
This site which specifically addresses pediatric considerations in emergency preparedness has now been archived but many of the links are still valid and current.

General Disaster Sites:
PandemicFlu.Gov is an official U.S. Government Web site and is managed by the Department of Health and Human Services.

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
This comprehensive website offers information on personal and family preparedness with many forms and brochures that can be downloaded. This site provides information regarding all types of hazards and is an excellent resource for anyone preparing for, responding to, or recovering from a disaster.

American Red Cross
Each year the American Red Cross responds to over 70,000 disasters across the country. This comprehensive website provides detailed information for personal, family and workplace preparedness, as well as information on classes and volunteer opportunities.

New York City Healthcare
Emergency preparedness information from the NYC Office of Emergency Management

The Center for Health Security
The Center for Health Security publishes a newsletter with up-to-date information regarding a broad range of threats.

CBRNE-Terrorism Newsletter
This newsletter is published by an independent group and focused on first responders.

Pan American Health Organization
This newsletter addresses Disasters: Preparedness and Mitigation in the Americas.

Yale Center for Public Health Preparedness
This site provides newsletters, additional links, and educational resources.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
The Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response maintains a Public Health Emergency website that is frequently updated. It provides a fast reference for events in the United States and elsewhere.

U.S. Department of Homeland Security
National Preparedness Goals 2011-This publication describes the U.S. approach to preparing for the threats and hazards that pose the greatest risk to the security of the country.

Congressional Research Services
Congressional Primer on Major Disasters and Emergencies

Disaster Research/Evaluation Frameworks, Part 1: An Overview

Radiation Emergencies:

NIH's Medline Plus
This page on Radiation Exposure provides an extensive list of links related to radiation exposure and patient management.

International Atomic Energy Agency
Wide range of information related to nuclear safety programs.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Radiation Emergency Medical Management: Guidance on diagnosis and treatment for health care providers.

Center for Disease Control, Radiation Emergencies
This site provides information on radiation emergencies for both professional and personal.

Chemical Hazards Management:

Chemical Hazards Emergency Medical Management: a new portal from the National Library of Medicine, intended as a one-stop source for first responders, first receivers, and emergency planners. Useful references for medical hazmat management are not all that common (ATSDR’s MHMI site being a notable exception).

Online Training Resources:
These courses, textbooks, and training sites offer self-study and home study courses at no charge or at a very nominal fee and offer a certificate of completion and, in most cases, offer continuing education credit.

A complete list of excellent resources and links

Borden Institute: Blast injury

CDC: Bombings-Injury Pattern and Care

CDC: Environmental Health

CDC: Preparing for a Bombing-A Common Sense Approach

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

Health & Human Services, Disasters

Homeland Security Digital Library

Institute for Biosecurity Quick Reference Guides

Medical Aspects of Biological Warfare

Medical Aspects of Chemical Warfare

Medical Consequences of Radiological and Nuclear Warfare

Medical Management of Radiological Casualties Handbook

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)