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December 18, 2014

0.9 Percent Sodium Chloride Injection USP in 100 mL MINI-BAG PLUS Container by Baxter: Recall - Particulate Matter


FDA MedWatch Recall - Particulate Matter

November 21, 2014

FDA MedWatch - Respironics California, Esprit V1000 and V200 Ventilators: Class I Recall - Power Failure May Occur


FDA MedWatch Respironics California Esprit V1000 and V200 Ventilators Class I Recall

November 21, 2014

FDA MedWatch - Highly Concentrated Potassium Chloride Injection, 10 mEq per 100 mL by Baxter: Recall - Mislabeled


Highly Concentrated Potassium Chloride Injection 10 mEq per 100 mL by Baxter Recall Mislabeled



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Health Care Reform

Key Information:

ASA President Statement on Passage of Health Care Reform: Then-ASA President Alexander Hannenberg released a statement in response to the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Key Issues Watch List: View "Key Issues Watch List" on the Health Reform Law created by ASA.

ACA Legislative Language: View a copy of the entire Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act legislation.

ACA Summary and Timeline: The non-partisan Congressional Research Service (CRS) has released a summary and implementation timeline of the Medicare provisions of the health care reform law, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).

The Independent Payment Advisory Board:  IPAB One-Pager

Latest News:

06-13-13 ASA Urges Accurates Interpretation of ACA Non-Discrimination Provision

10-01-13 PPACA Health Exchanges Officially Launch

09-05-13 Review your Quality and Resource Use Reports from CMS Beginning September 16

09-03-13 Avoid Negative Payment Adjustment for 2015 - Time is Running Out

08-01-13 August 1 Marks Beginning of Physician Payments Sunshine Act, Register for CMS National Provider Call today

07-26-13 Rep. Harris Introduces Legislation to Repeal the Non-Discrimination Provision of PPACA

07-23-13 Register now for a CMS-led call on steps you need to take now to avoid a negative payment adjustment in 2015

07-14-13 CMS Announces Webinar for Health Care Innovation Awards Round Two

06-14-13 CMS to host another webinar on PQRS and VBPM

06-07-13 CMS Discusses PQRS and the Value based Payment Modifier

05-29-13 CMS to host National Provider Call on the Implications for the Value-based Payment Modifier for PQRS Reporting

05-17-13 House Votes Again to Repeal PPACA

05-09-13 Congressional Republican Leaders Decline to Offer IPAB Appointments

02-25-13 HHS Release Final Rule on ACA Essential Health Benefits

11-20-12 HHS Releases Proposed Rules on Health Insurance Market Reforms, Essential Health Benefits and Employee Wellness Programs

08-15-12 HHS Releases State Exchange Blueprint

07-24-12 Congressional Score-Keeper Updates Reform Law Estimates; New Savings of $89 Billion Associated with Supreme Court Ruling

07-11-12 House Votes to Repeal PPACA

06-28-12 Listen to the Virtual Town Hall Briefing on PPACA Ruling With Congressman Andy Harris, M.D.

02-18-11 House of Representatives Passes Amendments to Defund PPACA

02-02-11 Senate Repeals Piece of PPACA 

02-02-11 Senate Rejects Full Repeal of PPACA 

01-31-11 Florida Judge Rules PPACA Unconstitutional 

01-28-11 IPAB Elimination Language Introduced 

01-24-11 House Passes Legislation Calling for Health Reform Alternatives

01-19-11 House Passes Full Repeal of PPACA

01-14-11 House Sets Repeal Vote for January 19

01-03-11 House Republicans Set Date for Vote to Repeal PPACA 

12-13-10  Virginia Federal Judge Rules Piece of PPACA Unconstitutional  

11-09-10  Congress Releases New Reform Law Summary and Timeline

05-26-10  ASA Withholds Support for New Medicare Physician Payment 'Fix'

05-24-10  Congress Currently Working to Avert 21% Cut: Next Steps Forward in SGR Debate Remain Unclear

05-13-10  ASA Supports New Health Care Provider Transparency Legislation

05-12-10  Call Today: Urge Your Lawmaker to Co-sign the Anesthesiology Medicare Payment Letter

05-11-10  ASA joins surgical societies in urging meaningful change to longstanding Medicare SGR problem (pdf)

04-20-10  President Obama Nominates Physician to Lead CMS

04-16-10  President Obama signs the “Continuing Extension Act of 2010” reinstating 2009 Medicare physician payment rates

04-15-10  CMS Announces Medicare Cuts in Effect Until Such Time as Congress Acts

04-15-10  Stop the Medicare Meltdown: Sign the petition today

04-05-10  Remarks of Alexander A. Hannenberg, M.D., ASA President,on Final Enactment of Health Reform Package and ASA Response

03-26-10  Congress fails to prevent April 1 cut in Medicare physician payments;instructs contractors to hold claims

03-25-10  Reconciliation bill passes Senate, sent back to House for final passage

03-25-10  ASA releases primer on implementation of new health care reform law (pdf)

03-22-10  Remarks of ASA President Alexander Hannenberg, M.D. on the Final House Health Reform Votes

03-18-10  Documents for the "Health Care and Education Affordability Act of 2010" released

03-15-10  Update: Health Reform Process in House Announced

03-11-10  Health Care Reform Update from ASA President Alexander Hannenberg, M.D.

03-10-10  U.S. Senate passes H.R. 4213, potentially extending Medicare physician payment freeze

03-03-10  Remarks of President Barack Obama on Health Insurance Reform

03-03-10  Update: Congress and President Act to Pass “Patch” for Pending 21 percent Medicare Physician Payment Cut

03-02-10  Bipartisan Summit Concludes without Agreement: ASA to Remain Vigilant for Possible “Reconciliation” Strategy

02-26-10  Update: Scheduled 21 percent Medicare Physician Payment Cut to be Implemented

02-24-10  Important Update: 30-day “patch” possible to prevent March 1st 21 percent Medicare physician payment cut

02-22-10  Action Alert: Medicare payments to be cut by 21 percent next week – Ask your Senators to repeal the SGR

02-22-10  President Obama’s proposal for health care reform unveiled before Feb. 25 health summit

02-22-10  ASA joins with other members of the surgical community urging the President and Congressional leaders to address the community’s positions on key issues pending in the reform debate

02-17-10  President Obama to hold bipartisan health care meeting on Feb. 25

01-29-10  Senate bill to increase debt limit could set the stage for five-year SGR freeze: Provisions fall short of medicine’s goal of true reform 

01-29-10  President Obama renews commitment to health care reform in State of the Union address

01-20-10  Health Care Reform Update

01-14-10  ASA President Alex Hannenberg, M.D., expresses ASA’s concerns and recommendations in letter to House and Senate health reform negotiators (pdf) 

01-11-10  ASA joins 74 other provider and beneficiary groups in letter opposing IPAB

01-05-10  Congressional summary of health reform bills

09-08-09  Framework for Comprehensive Health Reform 

07-24-09  Special Report on Health Reform 

07-13-09  ASA Applauds "Blue Dog Coalition's" Stance on Public Option  

05-29-09  Health Reform Timeline and Content Released    

04-28-09  Finance Leaders Release Health Reform Policy Options