May 05 - 07 2014, 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

2014 ASA Legislative Conference



April 18, 2014

Propofol Injectable Emulsion, USP by Hospira: Recall - Visible Particulates


Propofol Injectable Emulsion USP by Hospira Recall Visible Particulates

April 18, 2014

FDA MedWatch - ARKON Anesthesia Delivery System with Version 2.0 Software by Spacelabs Healthcare: Class I Recall


FDA MedWatch Class I Recall 4 18 14

March 28, 2014

FDA Update on the Shortage of Normal Saline


FDA Update on the Shortage of Normal Saline



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Practice Management Newsletter Articles


July:  ASA Partners With FDA’s Safe Use Initiative to Reduce Preventable Medication Harm

June:  The Perioperative Surgical Home Model

May:  NCCI: What It Is and How to Use It … Correctly

April:  Value Based Payment Modifier: What You Need to Do to Avoid a Negative Adjustment

March:  Not in My Backyard: Protect Competency-based Pain Care in Your State

February:  Important Developments on Electronic Health Records

January:  Will 2013 Be the Year of the Audit?


December:  How Was the Job Market for Graduating Residents in 2012?

November:  ASA Survey Results for Commercial Fees Paid for Anesthesia Services – 2012

October:  ASA Partners on Medicine Abuse Project to Reduce Misuse and Abuse of Prescription Drugs

September:  The Meaningful Use Hurdle

August:  ICD-10: Get Ready, Get Set …

July:  Know Your Quality and Costs

June:  Breadth and Depth of Anesthesia Drug Shortages Increasing: Summary of ASA Survey

May:  A Bouquet of Regulatory Issues

April:  Fatigue and Its Potential Impact on Patient Safety

March:  Anesthesia Claims and the 5010 Standards

February:  The Increasing Consolidation of Our Industry

January:  CMS October Rules and Regulations: Trick or Treat?




November:  2011 Commercial Conversion Factor Survey Results – Part II

October:  ASA Survey Results for Commercial Fees Paid for Anesthesia Services – 2011

September:  Malpractice by Nurse Anesthetist Calls into Question Feres Doctrine

August:  ACOs and the Surgical Home

July:  No Shortage of Drug Shortages: Results of ASA Survey

June:  Billing for Anesthesia Services and the QZ Modifi er: A Lurking Problem

May:  Are ‘Meaningful Use’ Requirements Meaningful for Anesthesiologists?

April:  The Extent of the Problem: ASA Survey Results for the ‘Company Model’

March:  Anesthesia Conversion Factors

February:  Performance Measures: Present and Future

January:  Volume II: 2010 Commercial Conversion Factor Survey Results


December:  Anesthesia Groups Should Consider Offering Critical Care Services

November:  Keeping Up With Regulations: ASA Comment Letter to CMS on 2011 Physician Fee Schedule Proposed Rule

October:  ASA Survey Results for Commercial Fees Paid for Anesthesia Services – 2010

September: Is There an Anesthesiologist in the House?

August: ASA Releases Template Forms and Resources for CMS Interpretive Guidelines Implementation

July: ASA Convinces RAC to Discontinue Anesthesia E&M Services Review

June: The Regulatory Tsunami Awaits

May: The HIPAA Privacy Rule: Be Aware or Beware

April: Recovery Audit Contractors (RACs) Are Here to Stay

March: CMS Issues Revised Hospital Interpretive Guidelines

February: Are You "Actively Warming" to PQRI in 2010?

January: Full Implementation of Anesthesia Teaching Rule: A Victory for Academic Programs and the Entire Specialty  




December: Surgical CAHPS Survey - Why Anesthesiologists Should Pay Attention

November: Cornucopia of Practice Management Issues

October: The Commercial Survey Results Strike Back

September: Analysis of Ambulatory Surgery Center Growth Rate

August: ASA Survey Results for Commercial Fees Paid for Anesthesia Services

July: Untouchable No More: The Recession Impacts Anesthesiologists

June: ASA Urges OIG to Take Action on the 'Company' Model

May: Red Flag in Morn, Physicians Be Warned

April: When Usual and Customary is Neither

March: The Ghost of Study Past: New RAND Study Shows Shortage of Anesthesiologists

February: E-Prescribing

January: All Aboard the PQRI Express ... Next Stop, Health System Reform




December: The Many Facets of the OIG Facet Report

November: A Question of Patient Safety: Disruptive Physicians and Colleagues

October:  Delayed or Not: ASA Will Help You Transition to ICD-10

September:  Designing a Flexible Compensation System

July: What's in a Rating? Patients Using Web Sites to Rate Physicians

June:  The New Face of Practice Management and Quality at ASA

May:  The Third National Pay for Performance Summit: Many Voices, Little Harmony

April:  Results from ASA's: PQRI Participation Study

March: Practice Management: One Consultant's Composite

February:  Evaluating Contracts for Anesthesiology Services: Considerations and Pitfalls From the Clinician's Perspective

January:  Changes for 2008




December:  Protections in Employment Agreements With Hospitals

November:  New Federal Rules on Physician Self-Referral Prohibition (Stark Law, Phase III)

August:  Preventing Wrong Site Surgery

July:  Fees Paid for the East Anesthesia Services: Survey Results

June:  Staffing Costs and Underutilized Operating Rooms

May:  Pay for Participation In Medicare's Physician Quality Reporting Initiative

April:  Anesthesiology Practice Costs, Revenues and Production Survey Data

March:  Anesthesia Information Systems... Where Awareness Is Good!

February:  Anesthesia Carts: New Federal Regulation Aligns With ASA Policy

January: Medicare Conversion Factors and Coding Changes for 2007




December:  Anesthesiology Is in the P4P Game

November:  Compensating Nonclinical Time

October:  Accountability

September:  Medicare Proposes More Cuts in Payments to Specialists

August:  Pros and Cons of Exclusive Contracts

July:  Preoperative Pregnancy Testing: Mandatory or Elective?

June:  What's Wrong With Your Anesthesiology Group Retirement Plan?

May: Medicare, We Have a Fraud Problem

April:  Balance Billing When You Don't Have a Contract with the Health Plan

March:  10,198 Units Per Physician: MGMA/ASA Survey: Report

February:  Customers of the Anesthesiology Group: Notes From: Conference on Practice Management