Quality Management and Departmental Administrative (QMDA) Toolkit

This "QMDA Toolkit" is offered by the American Society of Anesthesiologists® (ASA) as a service to members who hold the responsibility for ensuring practice compliance with various regulations, policies, guidelines and standards.

The toolkit includes materials developed and reviewed by ASA members, links to ASA Standards, Guidelines and Statements and links to non-ASA websites such as the Joint Commission. By providing access to "non-official" information through this Toolkit, ASA is not endorsing the material or its authors. All information linked to or reproduced on this site remains the intellectual property of its owners.

Please contact the ASA Quality and Regulatory Affairs (QRA) Department at qra@asahq.org if you have materials that you have found helpful in complying with regulatory aspects of practicing anesthesia and wish to submit for future toolkit inclusion.  

Manual for Anesthesia Department Organization and Management (MADOM) (For Members)

Hospital Interpretive Guidelines: 2014 Policy Templates and Resources (For Members) 

Anesthesia Consultation Program

ASA Standards, Guidelines and Statements

Sample Policy and Procedure Statements (For Members)

Joint Commission

Joint Commission FAQs 

Further Reading on SEA 32 and Unintended Awareness During Anesthesia  (For Members)

Educational Materials for Non-Anesthesiologists 

Quality Management Software System (For Members)

QMDA Quality Checklist

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