ASA NEWSLETTER Advertising Opportunities

The May issue features Governmental Affairs. Highlights for May include:

  • Recaps of the LEGISLATIVE CONFERENCE in Washington, D.C.
  • Special sections of the History of Civil War Medicine and Anesthesiology Assistants

August focuses on Pain and what's being done in the industry today to manage it. Companies with new drugs, devices and services relating to this topic will find August to be perfect for their efforts.  

In response to the changing health care environment, ASA has not raised ad rates and maintains 2013 pricing.

Black & White/Four Color*

2014 PM for NL web pageFull Page - $5,400/$8,300

Half Page - $3,600/$6,500

Quarter Page - $2,785/$5,685

Preferred Positions

Cover 2 - 25 percent of earned B&W rate

Cover 3 - 20 percent of earned B&W rate

Cover 4 - 50 percent of earned B&W rate

Opposite Table of Contents - 25 percent of earned B&W rate

Special Placement - 20 percent of earned B&W rate

*Discounted and package rates available

2014 ASA Advertising Rate Kit

Please contact Christine Kenney for more information:

Christine Kenney
National Sales Manager
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Bel Air, MD 21015

Mobile: 443-252-0571
Phone:  443-512-8899 *115

You can review the current and past ASA NEWSLETTER issues here.