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What is all this extra information on the search page?
ASA has upgraded the search capabilities to include “machine learning.” Machine learning is a system that will aggregate all user searches. It records, analyzes and displays most popular search terms, phrases and links to allow quicker access, and produces better results. It is the same type of system that Google currently uses.

How is “machine learning” used on the results page?
As you type in the search box, you may see words auto-populate. These are terms other users have searched. Next to the search results is Popular Searches. These are words or phrases most commonly searched on ASA's website.

All of the content in these areas will dynamically change over time as users search our site.

How specific or non-specific do I need to be with my searches?
As with any content-rich website, and more often with ours, there are many ways to describe the same thing. We encourage you to try different terms and phrases other might use if you cannot find the information you are looking for.

Our new search engine does utilize functionality commonly called a “unified index.” This means:

  1. You will get results of words that share the stem of your search word. For example, if you search “performance,” the search results will show all the items containing at least one occurrence of “performance, perform, performances, performed, performer, performing or performs.”
  2. Synonyms of the search words preset by ASA will also be displayed in the results. This is ongoing and dynamic based on feedback we receive by users and business.

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