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House Energy and Commerce Committee Releases Revised Legislative Framework for SGR Reform

On June 28, the House Energy and Commerce Committee released a revised legislative framework for quality-based Medicare Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) reform. This framework is the byproduct of an ongoing dialogue between the Committee and key stakeholders, including ASA. The Committee emphasized the reform proposal is "still a work in progress" and posed a series of new questions to stakeholders.

The Committee stated that their proposal would:

"…repeal SGR and, in return, replace it with an improved fee for service system in which providers develop quality measures that will lead to better care in a more efficient manner. Better quality care will lead to better outcomes and put a greater emphasis on efficiency which can lead to cost savings. In addition, providers will have the option of leaving the fee for service system and opt instead for new ways of delivering care that put an even greater emphasis on quality and efficient care, particularly those that can mean more time with patients and more savings to the system."

ASA is closely examining this draft legislative framework and remains committed to repealing and replacing the flawed SGR mechanism with a system that more accurately reflects the cost of providing care to Medicare patients.

Read the draft legislative framework.
Read the Committee's press release on the draft legislative framework.
Read the Committee’s "ATTACHMENT A: Proposed Payment Scenarios for the Update Incentive Program."  


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