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Mark Your Calendars for 2018 Congressional Primaries

As an election year, it’s important to mark important dates on the calendar to ensure participation in the electoral process. Please remember to register to vote well in advance of your primary elections. Rules vary between states about how much in advance of the election one must register.

The first primaries of the year are held in March for both Texas and Illinois. In May, Indiana, North Carolina, Ohio, Idaho, Nebraska, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Georgia and Kentucky hold their primaries.

The most popular time for primaries is in June and August. In June, Alabama, California, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, South Dakota, Maine, Nevada, North Dakota, South Carolina, Virginia, Colorado, Maryland, New York, Oklahoma and Utah hold their primaries. In August, an additional 14 states hold primaries, including Tennessee, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Washington, Hawaii, Connecticut, Minnesota, Vermont, Wisconsin, Alaska, Wyoming, Arizona and Florida hold primaries.

The last primaries of the year are in September in November. In September, Delaware, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Massachusetts hold their primaries. Louisiana’s primary is the sale as election day on November 6.

For more details about the dates in your state, please see the primaries calendar here or visit

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