Video Advertising Opportunities

The ANESTHESIOLOGY® 2015 annual meeting will feature ASA TV for the second year in a row – a news broadcast covering activities and highlighting events and education to come through our HEADLINES daily series from the meeting. 


Each broadcast and feature offers the opportunity for a 30-second commercial spot before and after.



All news broadcasts and features can be seen:

At San Diego Convention Center

  • Looped on digital monitors
  • Looped at charging stations in Connection Lounges

On the Web 
  • – this site!
  • ANESTHESIOLOGY® 2015 dedicated YouTube channel    
  • Email
  • ASA Daily News eblasts

  • Looped on shuttle buses
  • Looped on dedicated television station in select hotels


For more information on ASA News video advertising opportunities, please see our ANESTHESIOLOGY® 2015 annual meeting advertising kit, or contact Christine Kenney.

Mobile:  (443) 252-0571 
Phone:   (443) 512-8899  *115

Please review the ANESTHESIOLOGY® 2015 Language Usage Guidelines before you finalize, print or send any materials for the meeting.