Digital Advertising Opportunities

ASA is once again offering up digital options for advertising during the meeting through all the monitors in the exhibit hall. We've strategically placed then through out the hall ways and Connection Center in high-traffic, highly visible areas.

Monitors throughout the convention center display info about educational sessions and highlight daily events, including the ePoster and Medically Challenging Cases areas!digital advertising
  • 15/30-second ad opportunities available to loop in between information on Monitors in Convention Center
  • ePoster/MCC screens placed inside exhibits, looped only with ads
  • $10,000 per ad, looped on all screens
  • Static or animated ads allowed, no sound

digital advertising




For more information on ASA digital advertising opportunities please see our ANESTHESIOLOGY® annual meeting advertising kit, or contact Amber Howard.
Mobile:  (508) 561-6570
Phone:   (443) 512-8899  *115

Please review the ANESTHESIOLOGY® annual meeting Language Usage Guidelines before you finalize, print or send any materials for the meeting.

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#ANES18 registration opens in June.

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