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Congratulations to the new Fellows of the American Society of Anesthesiologists (FASA™)

The FASA designation, launched in May 2017, identifies and promotes those ASA members exhibiting the highest standard in professionalism/leadership, advocacy for the profession and patient safety, and education. ASA is proud to announce the latest members who have been awarded the prestigious FASA designation and congratulates them for their dedication and leadership in anesthesiology:

May 2018 FASAs

Albert J. Varon, M.D., MHPE, FCCM, FASA
Andrew David Franklin, M.D., MBA, FASA
Andrew Gabor Kadar, M.D., FASA
Anoushka M. Afonso, M.D., FASA
Aubrey Maze, M.D., FASA
Benjamin J. Wallisch, D.O., FASA
Cheryl K. Gooden, M.D., FAAP, FASA
Clifton van Putten, M.D., FASA
Daniel Mark Hesler, M.D., FASA
Eric W. Nelson, D.O., FASA
Harendra Arora, M.D., FASA
Harriet D. W. Hopf, M.D., FASA
James R. Hebl, M.D., FASA
Jeffrey A. Green, M.D., MSHA, FASA
Jeffrey J. Drees, M.D., FASA
Jeffrey S. Queen, M.D., FAAP, FASA
John G. Hagen, M.D., FASA
Joshua H. Atkins, M.D., FASA
Kevin Burton Walker, M.D, FASA
Kevin E. Vorenkamp, M.D., FASA
Kevin Glassman, M.D., FASA
Mark R. Polak, D.O., FASA
Maureen McCunn, M.D., MIPP, FCCM, FASA
Michael C. Wajda, M.D., FASA
Michael Jon Williams, M.D., FASA
Muhammad Jaffar, M.D., FASA
Muzammil Mahmood Qaisar, D.O., FASA
Priya A. Kumar, M.D., FASA
Ricardo A Serrano Donado, M.D., FASA
Ronald Oconer, D.O., FASA
Rosemarie E. Garcia Getting, M.D., FASA
Shawn Timothy Beaman, M.D., FASA
Stephen B. Smith, M.D., FASA
Thomas A. Witkowski, M.D., FASA

Watch for regular announcements of new Fellows in the ASAP Weekly e-newsletter.

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