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ASA Policies:

Statement on Distractions

Statement on Fatigue

Statement on Principles for Alarm Management for Anesthesia Professionals

Sample Policies:

Distractions Statement Example #1

Distractions Statement Example #2

Distractions Statement Example #3

Sample Policy Disclaimer:

With permission of the content owner, identifiers have been removed and the above sample policies have been posted for informational purposes only. The content in such policies has not been formally approved by The American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) and is in no way endorsed by the ASA. The ASA disclaims all liability for loss or damage associated with use of such content. The information continued therein does not represent legal or medical advice. By using or adopting any sample policies contained therein, you agree to release the ASA from any and all loss, damages and liability associated with the use or adoption of such policies.  Please consult your legal adviser or other qualified professional for guidance and information specific to your situation.


ASA Resources:

Distractions in the Operating Room Annotated Bibliography

ASA Resources (Not Peer-Reviewed): 

ASA Newsletter, August 2012, Mary Ann Vann, MD, "Distracted Doctors in the O.R."

ASA Newsletter, May 2014, Sara E. Neves, MD, Ray G. Soto, MD, "Situational Awareness, Multitasking, and Distraction in the O.R."

External Resources:

APSF Newsletter, June 2014, Brian J. Cammarata, M.D. and Brian J. Thomas, J.D., "Technology's Escalating Impact on Perioperative Care: Clinical, Compliance, and Medicolegal Considerations."

National Transportation Safety Board, Operations Bulletin OPS-GEN-112, "Preventing Distracted Driving."

U.S. Department of Transportation Order 3902.10, December 2009, "Text Messaging While Driving."

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