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Relevant ASA Standards Guidelines and Statements

This is a list of relevant ASA Standards, Guidelines & Practice Parameters in the regulatory realm. A full list of ASA Standards, Guidelines & Practice Parameters is available here

Advisory On Granting Privileges For Deep Sedation To Non-Anesthesiologist Sedation Practitioners

Basic Standards For Preanesthesia Care

Continuum Of Depth Of Sedation: Definition Of General Anesthesia And Levels Of Sedation/Analgesia

Definition Of "Immediately Available" When Medically Directing

Distinguishing Monitored Anesthesia Care ("MAC") From Moderate Sedation/Analgesia (Conscious Sedation)

Summary of Guidance for Directors of Anesthesia Service for Computer-Assisted Personalized Sedation (CAPS) Devices

Guidelines For Ambulatory Anesthesia And Surgery

Guidelines For Delineation Of Clinical Privileges In Anesthesiology

Guidelines For Office-Based Anesthesia

Guidelines For Patient Care In Anesthesiology

Guidelines For The Practice Of Critical Care By Anesthesiologists

Guiding Principles For Management Of Performance Measures By The American Society Of Anesthesiologists

Practice Guidelines for Obstetric Anesthesia

Practice Guidelines for Postanesthetic Care

Practice Advisory for Preanesthesia Evaluation

Practice Guidelines for Preoperative Fasting

Principles For Quality Incentive Programs In Anesthesiology

Practice Guidelines for Sedation and Analgesia by Non-anesthesiologists

Standards For Basic Anesthetic Monitoring

Standards For Postanesthesia Care

Statement on Distractions

Statement On Documentation Of Anesthesia Care

Statement On Economic Credentialing

Statement on Fatigue

Statement On Granting Privileges For Administration Of Moderate Sedation To Practitioners Who Are Not Anesthesia Professionals

Statement On Granting Privileges To Nonanesthesiologist Physicians For Personally Administering Or Supervising Deep Sedation

Statement On Principles For Alarm Management For Anesthesia Professionals

Statement On Privileging For Chronic Pain Management

Statement On Qualifications Of Anesthesia Providers In The Office-Based Setting

Statement On Security Of Medications In The Operating Room

The Organization Of An Anesthesia Department

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