Newsletter Wellness Articles - American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA)

Farber N.E., Brzezinski M. (2011). Bullying in the Operating RoomASA Newsletter, 75(8):58-59.

Udani A.D., Howard, S.K. (2011). Are We Sleepy People Keeping People Asleep?  ASA Newsletter, 75(7):64-66.

Rose, G.L. (2011).  Depression and Suicide in AnesthesiologyASA Newsletter, 75(4):22-23.

Berge, K.H., Seppala M. (2011). Untimely Death in the Anesthesia ProviderASA Newsletter, 75(4):24-25.


Vann, M.A., Hendricks, E.C.  (2010). Remote Anesthesia: What Are We Doing Out There?  ASA Newsletter, 74(8):34-35,72.

Vann, M.A. (2010). Wellness Events at ANESTHESIOLOGY 2010 in San DiegoASA Newsletter, 74(7):46.

Wells, LT. (2010). Mindfulness: Now Is the TimeASA Newsletter, 74(5):42-43.

Randel, G.I. (2010). How Well Are We?  ASA Newsletter, 74(3):28-29.

2009 – August Cover and Table of Contents

Garfield, J.M. (2009).  Maintaining Wellness as You Prepare for RetirementASA Newsletter, (8):11-12,58.

Moore, R.A., (2009).  ASA Wellness Initiative – A Personal PerspectiveASA Newsletter, 73(8):13,23.

Holzman, R.S. (2009).  Why the Committee on Occupational Health Is Your Wellness CommitteeASA Newsletter, 73(8):14-15.

Saadat, H. (2009). Wellness in Physicians: A Concept That Needs to Start Early and Continue Throughout Our Careers.  ASA Newsletter, 73(8):16-17.

Vann, M.A. (2009).  Production Pressure, Stress and Burnout in a Challenging Economic ClimateASA Newsletter, 73(8):18-19.

Jackson, S.H. (2009).  Humor in Your Practice and Personal Life.  ASA Newsletter, 73(8):20-21,50.

Harme, M.H. (2009). ReminiscenceASA Newsletter, 73(8):22-23.

Warfield, C.A. (2009).  The Anesthesia Foundation:  50 Years of WellnessASA Newsletter, 73(8):24-25.


Alexander, J.A. (2008). Stress Management: Remembering to Really LIVE in the LairASA Newsletter, 72(11):37-39.

July Cover and Table of Contents  

Cope, D.K. (2008).  Reflections on My Own Work-Life BalanceASA Newsletter, 72(7):1-2.

Cope, D.K. (2008). Being WellASA Newsletter,  72(7):7.

Alexander, J.A. (2008). Burnout and How It Affects Physician Health and Well-BeingASA Newsletter, 72(8):8-9,17.

Gazoni, F.M. (2008).  The Aftermath of Perioperative Catastrophes: A Time for Continued VigilanceASA Newsletter, 72(7):10-11.

Wells, L.T. (2008).  Occupational Stress in Anesthesia.  ASA Newsletter, 72(7):12-13.

Holzman, R.S. (2008). Wellness EducationASA Newsletter, 72(7):14-15.

Jackson, S.H. (2008). Balancing Family and Life StressesASA Newsletter, 72(7):16,35.

Roizen, M.F. (2008).  Aging Well – No, Aging Young and With Vitality.  ASA Newsletter, 72(7):18-19,21.

Warfield, C.A. (2008). The Anesthesia Foundation as a Resource for WellnessASA Newsletter, 72(7):20-21.


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