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Operating Room Design Manual

This manual has been written under the supervision of the Committee on Equipment and Facilities of the American Society of Anesthesiologists. 

Chair of the Committee on Equipment and Facilities
Charlotte Bell, M.D.

Table of Contents

Section I: The Design Process
Chapter 1: The Design Process
Chapter 2: The Anesthesiologist’s Overview of the Operating Room
Chapter 3: Ergonomics and Workflow 
Chapter 4: Environmental Sustainability

Section II: Infrastructure
Chapter 5: Administrative and Personnel Support
Chapter 6: Supply Chain
Chapter 7: Gas and Vacuum Supplies 
Chapter 8: Electrical Service 

Section III
Chapter 9: Room Ventilation Systems
Chapter 10: Communications
Chapter 11: Monitoring and Anesthesia Information Management Systems
Chapter 12: Patient Intake and Amenities
Chapter 13: Specialized Operating Rooms
Chapter 14: Post-Anesthesia Care Units
Chapter 15: Free-Standing and Outpatient Surgery Facilities
Chapter 16: Remote and Hazardous Locations
Chapter 17: Hybrid Operating Rooms
Chapter 18: Obstetric Labor Suite
Chapter 19: Anticipating the Future
Chapter 20: Rogues' Gallery

Editors in Chief
Frank E. Block, Jr., M.D., Clinical Professor of Anesthesiology, Virginia Commonwealth University
Steven Helfman, M.D., Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology, Emory University 

The following people contributed to this edition and are designated as “Lead Authors” for chapters or portions of chapters. Many of them contributed in other ways as well.

David Albert, M.D.
Chris Annis, M.D.
Tangwan Azefor, M.D.
Charlotte Bell, M.D.
Sital Bhavsar, M.D.
Hovig Chitilian, M.D.
Marianna Crowley, M.D.
Jerry A. Dorsch, M.D.
Susan E. Dorsch, M.D.
Jan Ehrenwerth, M.D.
Autumn Shaffer Hardin, M.D.
Denisa Haret, M.D.
Steven Helfman, M.D.
Edmund Ho, M.D.
Misty Kneeland, M.D.
Bruce J. Leone, M.D.
Robert Loeb, M.D.
David L. Martin, P.E.
Nancy Oriol, M.D.
Erika Puente, M.D.
Barbara Rogers, M.D.
John Rogoski, M.D.
Susan Ryan, Ph.D, M.D.
Timothy S. J. Shine, M.D.
Gordana Stjepanovic, M.D.
Cary Sweat
Shermeen Vakharia, M.D.

The following people also contributed to this edition as expert consultants:
Ramon Berguer, M.D.
David Feinstein, M.D.
Keith Ruskin, M.D.
Christoph Wilhelm

The following additional people are recognized and thanked for their contributions to previous versions of this Manual, some of which is included in this edition:
J. Jeffrey Andrews, M.D.
George A. Arndt, MD
Lindrea Bernard, A.I.A., R.I.B.A.
Paul Brye
Burdett S. Dunbar, M.D.
John H. Eichhorn, M.D.
Michael L. Good, M.D.
Kenneth A. Haselby
Cindy W. Hughes, M.D.
Tom C. Krejcie, M.D.
David E. Lees, M.D.
Wayne S. Mathews
R. Gregg Moon
Eric Niborg, A.I.A.
George J. Sheplock
Daniel E. Supkis Jr., M.D.
Gerald L. Wolf, M.D.

This committee work product/resource has not been approved by ASA’s Board of Directors or House of Delegates and does not represent an ASA Policy, Statement or Guideline.

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