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Resources From ASA Committees

The following work products and resources have been made available by ASA committees. They have not been approved by ASA's Board of Directors or House of Delegates and do not represent an ASA Policy, Statement or Guideline.


2016 ACC/AHA Guideline Update

2016 ACC/AHA Guideline Focused Update on Duration of Dual Antiplatelet Therapy in Patients With Coronary Artery Disease
(A link to the ACC/AHA guideline posted at the Journal of the American College of Cardiology website)

Duration of Dual Antiplatelet Therapy: A Systematic Review for the 2016 ACC/AHA Guideline Focused Update on Duration of Dual Antiplatelet Therapy in Patients With Coronary Artery Disease
(A link to the ACC/AHA guideline posted at the Journal of the American College of Cardiology website)

Ad Hoc Committee on SEDASYS®

NEW: Guidance for Directors of Anesthesia Services for Computer-Assisted Personalized Sedation (CAPS) Devices. (June 2016)

NEW: Summary of Guidance for Directors of Anesthesia Services for CAPS Devices (June 2016)  (Members only)

NEW: ASA Physical Status Classification - CAPS Recommendation (Members only)

NEW: Procedural Sedation Metrics (2016)

Anesthesia Machine

Anesthesia Machine Preoperative Checkout Procedures
(Committee on Equipment and Facilities)

Anesthesia Machine Obsolescence
(Committee on Equipment and Facilities)

Patient Blood Management

Plasma Components: An Update From COBM
(Committee on Blood Management)

Additional Plasma Derivatives 2011
(Committee on Blood Management)

Massive Transfusion Protocol (MTP) for Hemorrhagic Shock
(Committee on Blood Management)

Red Blood Cell Transfusion: A Clinical Practice Guideline From the AABB
(A link to the AABB guideline posted at the Annals of Internal Medicine website)

Platelets: An Update From COBM

(Committee on Blood Management)

Transfusion Consent Form
(Committee on Blood Management)

Cardiovascular Implantable Electronic Devices (CIED)

The Heart Rhythm Society (HRS) and American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) Expert Consensus Statement on the Perioperative Management of CIED Patients
(Committee on Equipment and Facilities)

Critical Care Medicine

Anesthesiology Advanced Circulatory Life Support (ACLS)
(Committee on Critical Care Medicine)

Environmental Sustainability

Greening the Operating Room (2015) 
(PDF version)
(Task Force on Environmental Sustainability)

NEW! Inhaled Anesthetic 2020 Challenge

Equipment and Facilities
Operating Room Design Manual
(Committee on Equipment and Facilities)


New - Syllabus on Ethics 2016
Archived - Syllabus on Ethics 2012
(Committee on Ethics)

View more resources for ethics and professionalism including Monitor articles and ethical guidelines. 

Electronic Media and Information Technology
Network Access Recommendations

Geriatric Anesthesia

Geriatric Anesthesia Curriculum
(Committee on Geriatric Anesthesia)

Infection Control

Recommendations for Infection Control for the Practice of Anesthesiology (Third Edition)
(Committee on Occupational Health)

Obstetric Anesthesia

Comparative Effectiveness of Interventions to Decrease Cesarean Births
(Committee on Obstetric Anesthesia)

Nitrous Oxide for Labor Analgesia
(Committee on Obstetric Anesthesia)

Levels of Maternal Care, Obstetric Care Consensus No. 2
(Supported by ASA - Developed jointly by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine)

Occupational Health and Wellness

Substance Use Disorder Materials
(Committee on Occupational Health)

NEW (April 2016) - Substance Use Disorder Model Curriculum
(Committee on Occupational Health) 

Work-Life Balance: ASA Wellness Resources 
(Committee on Occupational Health)

Occupational Well-Being in Anesthesiologists
(A link to the World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists)

Ebola Recommendations and Information
(Committee on Occupational Health)


Pain Medicine

Chronic Pain Can Be a Multisystem Disease
(Committee on Pain Medicine)

Considerations for Long -Term Opioid Use in Chronic, Non-Cancer Pain Conditions
(Committee on Pain Medicine and Ad Hoc Committee on Prescription Opioid Abuse)

Patient Safety

Handout: Safe Practice Recommendations for Copy and Paste
The Partnership for Health IT Patient Safety (Partnership), a multi-stakeholder collaborative program working to make health IT safer, with the support of numerous organizations including ASA, is pleased to provide Safe Practice Recommendations for Copy and Paste. An implementation toolkit, a list of supporters and more information about the Partnership is available at

Epidural and Spinal Anesthesia Decision Aid

Peripheral Nerve Block Decision Aid

Regional Anesthesia Decision Aids in the Pre-Anesthesia Clinic Improve Patient Engagement and Knowledge (2015)

Regional Anesthesia: Patients Want Information but Most will Leave Anesthetic Choice to Their Doctors (2014)

Trauma and Emergency Preparedness (COTEP)

COTEP Mission

Emergency Preparedness Resources

Trauma Anesthesiology Resources

Statement of Principles: Trauma Anesthesiology

Trauma Anesthesiology Curriculum for CA-1 and CA-2 Residents

Trauma Anesthesiology Curriculum for CA-3 Residents

Trauma and Emergency Preparedness

Trauma: Airway Management

Visit the COTEP page for more information.

Professional Liability

Manual on Professional Liability
(Committee on Professional Liability)

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