Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation Workshop

SPE05 Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation Workshop: Competence and Teamwork Are Not Enough: Implementing Emergency Manuals and Checklists
Saturday, October 11, 2014, 2 - 4 p.m.
Lead speaker: Jeffrey B. Cooper, Ph.D.

Based upon the content presented in the Ellison C. Pierce, Jr. Memorial Lecture, this Workshop will concentrate on the practical aspects of systematically implementing Emergency Manuals in perioperative settings. Experts on the development and production of Emergency Manuals will give guidance about key aspects of how to use emergency manuals with a focus on the process of implementation. The critical elements of implementation will be discussed in introductory presentations, followed by a panel discussion and facilitated breakout groups. The session will provide an interactive experience for attendees to learn about how to incorporate Emergency Manuals rather than on what they are or why they are needed, which will be covered in the Pierce lecture. The presentation will include a panel discussion on: When and How Should the Manual be Used?