Lewis H. Wright Memorial Lecture

SPE23 Lewis H. Wright Memorial Lecture
Tuesday, October, 14, 2014, 12:40 – 1:50 p.m.
James P. Bagian, M.D., P.E.

A NASA astronaut for over 15 years, he is a veteran of two Space Shuttle missions including as the lead mission specialist for the first dedicated Life Sciences Spacelab mission.  Following the 1986 Challenger space-shuttle explosion he dove and supervised the capsule's recovery from the ocean floor and was one of the leaders of the development of the Space Shuttle Escape System. He also served as the Chief Flight Surgeon and Medical Consultant for the Space Shuttle Columbia Accident Investigation Board.

Dr. Bagian’s awards include the American Medical Association’s 2001 Dr. Nathan S. Davis Award for outstanding public service in the advancement of public health and the Association of American Medical Colleges’ first annual Innovations Award in 2001. He also received the Frank Brown Berry Prize in Federal Healthcare which recognizes the military or federal physician who has made the most significant contribution to healthcare in the United States (2002), the Service to America Medal awarded to the federal employee who demonstrated the most significant lifetime achievement in public service (2003), the Outstanding Federal Healthcare Executive Award awarded to the senior executive who has made conspicuously outstanding contributions to Federal healthcare demonstrating superior leadership or executive management ability (2004), the inaugural Patient Safety Award from the Institute for Quality in Laboratory Medicine and the Jefferson Medical College Alumni Achievement Award (2005), the Vanguard Award for the Advancement of Patient Safety from The Doctors Company Foundation (2009), the American Astronautical Society's Melbourne W. Boynton Award for "outstanding contributions to the biomedical aspects of space flight" (2010), and most recently the 2012 Pete Conrad Patient Safety Excellence Award.

The Lewis H. Wright Memorial Lecture of the Wood Library-Museum of Anesthesiology (WLM) honors Dr. Lewis Wright, a distinguished pioneer in American anesthesiology, who gave of himself tirelessly to dignify and accredit the discipline of anesthesiology as a clinical science and medical specialty.