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June 1, 2013 Volume 77, Number 6
Highlights of the 2013 March Interim Board of Directors Meeting Steven L. Sween, M.D., Speaker House of Delegates

Ronald L. Harter, M.D., Vice Speaker House of Delegates

The Interim Meeting of the ASA Board of Directors was held on March 3, 2013 at the InterContinental O’Hare Hotel in Rosemont, Illinois. Sixty-three members were present.

The Treasurer, James D. Grant, M.D., gave an update on the potential impact of review committee recommendations to the 2013 budget. In addition to the budget expenses present in reports, Dr. Grant described a new budget expense of $5,000 to endorse the campaign of Jesse M. Ehrenfeld, M.D. for a position on the American Medical Association (AMA) Board of Trustees in 2014.

The Board received and approved nominations, appointments and reappointments for liaisons to external organizations. Along with approving to endorse Dr. Ehrenfeld’s campaign, the Board approved endorsement of William A. McDade, M.D., Ph.D. for re-election to the AMA’s Council on Medical Education, with a $10,000 budget for his June 2013 campaign.

The Board approved several amendments and additions to the Administrative Procedures (AP), many of which were submitted by the Section on Board Administrative Affairs in response to prior Board and House action. These include language detailing the selection and operation of named education activities at the annual meeting; duties of the Committee on Performance and Outcomes Measurement; and ASA’s new liaison relationships with the American Academy of Family Physicians Editorial Advisory Board, the Det Norske Veritas Healthcare Advisory Board and the Society for the Advancement of Blood Management. The Board also approved language establishing a group of ASA officers and leaders to make recommendations regarding the size of ASA’s state advocacy reserve fund. Other committees submitted AP changes relating to the makeup of the AMA Delegation and the duties and procedures of the Committee on Expert Witness Testimony Review (CEWTR), which the Board approved without amendment.

A number of bylaws amendments received consideration, including proposed language related to the composition of ASA committees and the parliamentary authority utilized by ASA; these were approved. The Committee on Bylaws gave an update on its deliberation of ASA’s purpose statement. Suggested bylaws changes regarding the roles of the House versus the Board were referred back to the Committee on Governance Effectiveness and Efficiencies. The Board also approved the CEWTR’s proposed bylaws revisions concerning its procedures, appeals and the authority that may act upon the committee’s resolutions.

In its interim report, the Administrative Council (AC) described ASA’s subspecialty management services in relation to current staffing levels. The AC recommended that ASA permanently discontinue contracted management services by December 31, 2013 and offer assistance to currently managed societies to find new management companies or other arrangements. There was review committee hearing testimony both in favor and opposed to this proposed action, which was passed by the Board during its session.

Twenty-eight of ASA’s standards, guidelines and statements underwent scheduled five-year reviews by the Board. All documents submitted by their committees of oversight were approved as revised.

San Diego was approved as the “confirmed” site for the ANESTHESIOLOGY™ 2021 annual meeting, while San Antonio was approved as the “tentative” site for the ANESTHESIOLOGY™ 2025 annual meeting over the preferred dates of October 11-15, 2025. Philadelphia was approved as a “tentative” site for the ANESTHESIOLOGY™ 2027 annual meeting as a result of a financially advantageous offer from the city’s convention and visitors’ bureau. In response to a motion from the floor at its October meeting, the Board approved a 2013 annual meeting registration fee structure that reinstates the 2011 fees. The Board also approved financial and/or administrative support for a number of annual meeting charitable or fundraising activities, including Run For The Warriors®, ASA Charitable Foundation, Lifebox and SmartTots. In the event that Run For The Warriors® is approved as a charitable activity in March 2014, the Board approved a contribution of $25,000 to Hope For The Warriors® in the 2014 budget.

The minor budget adjustment of $5,000 for Dr. Ehrenfeld’s campaign was brought before the Board. The ASA 2013 operating budget was amended and approved to take into account all approved reports that have a fiscal impact on the Society. Dr. Grant noted a projected net surplus of $189,027.

ASA President John M. Zerwas, M.D. thanked the speakers, the members of the Board and ASA staff for their participation at this meeting. The next scheduled meeting of the ASA Board of Directors is August 18, 2013.

Steven L. Sween, M.D. is a staff anesthesiologist and Board of Directors member, Physician Specialists in Anesthesia, PC, Atlanta.

Ronald L. Harter, M.D. is Jay J. Jacoby, M.D., Ph.D. Professor and Chair, Department of Anesthesiology, Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, Columbus, Ohio.

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