May 2014 Volume 78 Number 5
ASA News

A Message From the Governance Support Unit:

Announcement of Candidates for Elected Office


In accordance with section 2.6 of the Administrative Procedures, ASA is pleased to announce that notices of intent to run for elected offices are being accepted through Tuesday, July 1, 2014. Any prospective candidate for ASA office may send a Notice of Intent to run for a specified office. Position descriptions for each office are available from the Governance Support Unit of the Executive Office. Prospective office-seekers are encouraged to obtain the relevant position description(s) as each contains not only the duties of each office but the inherent time commitment involved.


Notices of Intent are requested to be submitted to Governance Support Unit staff at Each notice submitted should be accompanied by a Web-ready photograph, an abbreviated (one-page) curriculum vitae (CV) and a Statement of Candidacy. The Governance Support Unit will compile a list of candidates submitted. This list will be published in the September NEWSLETTER, the Handbook for Delegates and will be posted, along with the photo, CV and statement, to the Candidates for Office page of the ASA website.


An announcement of candidacy does not constitute a formal nomination to an office, nor is it a prerequisite for being nominated. Nominations are formally made at the first session of the House of Delegates for all candidates as prescribed by the ASA Bylaws.



2014 ASA Nicholas M. Greene, M.D. Award for Outstanding Humanitarian Contribution


Consistent with the catastrophic anesthesia crisis in low-income countries and the need for anesthesiologists to respond to disasters, provide care in humanitarian settings and educate/train those who would otherwise have no access to such expertise, the ASA membership has been reaching out to the world in these capacities for decades.


ASA and the Committee on Global Humanitarian Outreach recognize the humanitarian contributions of an ASA member annually for Outstanding Volunteer Service and Humanitarian Contribution. A nomination application is available on the ASA GHO website at


All applications are due July 31, 2014, to be reviewed at the GHO Committee meeting. The award will be presented at the ANESTHESIOLOGYTM 2014 annual meeting taking place in New Orleans on October 11-15.