ASA Corporate Non-CME Educational Update

ASA is proud to give Corporate Supporters the opportunity to present evidence-based medical and scientific information about their drugs, devices and solutions for the first time ever at the ANESTHESIOLOGY2014 annual meeting in New Orleans, LA. Complete a Corporate non-CME Educational Update application now and reserve your preferred time slot.

Corporate Non-CME Educational events can be scheduled:

Saturday, October 11
7-10  p.m.

Sunday, October 12
6-8 a.m.
7-10 p.m.

Monday, October 13
7-10 p.m.

All programs will be reviewed by ASA before being accepted. Upon acceptance, Corporate Supporters will be assigned a room based on availability. Send completed applications along with faculty and program to ASA Corporate Development Coordinator Joan Bianchi at

Please review the ANESTHESIOLOGY2014 Language Usage Guidelines before you finalize, print or send any materials for the meeting.

Deadline for submissions is Monday, July 7 2014.