5 reasons residents belong at ASA® ADVANCE 2023

Gain a better understanding and contribute to the business side of anesthesiology.

  1. Negotiating and career tips that can have a lifelong impact. Resident-specific sessions feature important topics like contract details, choosing the right practice setting, and more, with insights from people who have been there. 

  2. Opportunities to connect with practice leaders. Focused on the business side of anesthesiology, this collaborative event draws practice executives and administrators from across the nation. 

  3. Insights into employer expectations. ASA® ADVANCE 2023 underscores the importance of quality, accuracy, compliance, and communication in determining an anesthesiologist's success.

  4. Encouragement to think like a leader. As residents hear what the leaders are hearing, they can begin to envision their own career pathways. 

  5. It's just $99 for ASA member residents. Nonmembers can join ASA for $31 to qualify for this incredible rate. 

Explore the agenda and register for a weekend that can pay off for residents throughout their careers.

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Date of last update: November 21, 2022