Electronic Advertising Opportunities

ASA continues to GO farther to CONNECT with its audience regarding the ANESTHESIOLOGY® annual meeting. These pre-meeting blasts combined with the ASA Daily News open up more opportunity for advertisers to reach both ASA members and non-members as well as everyone who attends ANESTHESIOLOGY® 2017. Reach more targets than ever before with our new bundled pricing packages.

GO ANESTHESIOLOGY® annual meeting - 36% open rate
  • Distributed April-September
  • Promotes the annual meeting and all that it has to offer. 
  • Sent to ASA members, past attendees and anyone in the ASA database that would benefit from attending
CONNECT ANESTHESIOLOGY® annual meeting - 47% open rate
  • Distributed July-September
  • Focuses on specific meeting information to help attendees maximize their experience through networking, speakers and events
  • Sent to all registered attendees
Bundles are as follows, avg. dist. 48,000 (600x80 placements; two available per send):
  • Go Preview - April/May, $3,500
  • GO October - $3,500
  • CONNECT October - $3,500
    • 2 Sends, $5,000        
    • 3 Sends, $8,000
    • 4 Sends, $10,000
    • 6 Sends, $15,000 
ASA Daily News - 31% open rate
  • Distributed daily, October 19-24
  • Provides a summary of the day’s events and highlights on what’s still to come 
  • Sent to all attendees as well as all ASA members not in attendance 
  • Top Banner and Middle Banner both 600x80 (daily) - $3,500 


For more information on ASA electronic advertising opportunities, please see our ANESTHESIOLOGY® 2017 annual meeting advertising kit, or contact Amber Howard.
Mobile:  (508) 561-6570
Phone:   (443) 512-8899  *115

Please review the ANESTHESIOLOGY® 2017 Language Usage Guidelines before you finalize, print or send any materials for the meeting.

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