Board of Directors

Harriet Hopf

Harriet W. Hopf, MD, FASA
University of Utah
Board Chair

Dr. Donald Arnold

Donald  E. Arnold, MD, FASA
Mercy Hospital St. Louis

Rebecca Aslakson

Rebecca A. Aslakson, MD, PhD, FAAHPM, FCCM
Stanford University Medical Center

Chad Brummett

Chad M. Brummett, MD
University of Michigan Medical School

Michael Champeau

Michael W. Champeau, MD, FASA
Associated Anesthesiologists Medical Group
Finance Committee Chair

Roderic Eckenhoff

Roderic G. Eckenhoff, MD
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

James Eisenach

James C. Eisenach, MD
Wake Forest University
FAER President

Charles Emala

Charles W. Emala, MD, MS
Columbia University

Roger Johns

Roger A. Johns, MD, PhD, MHS
Johns Hopkins University
Board Chair-Elect

Zeev Kain

Zeev N. Kain, MD, MBA, MA
University of California Irvine

Linda Mason

Linda J. Mason, MD, FASA
Loma Linda University

Dolores Njoku

Dolores Njoku, MD
Johns Hopkins University
Grants Management Committee Chair

May Pian-Smith

May C. Pian-Smith, MD, MS
Massachusetts General Hospital

Andrew Rosenberg

Andrew Rosenberg, MD, FASA
NYU School of Medicine

Daniel Sessler

Daniel I. Sessler, MD
Cleveland Clinic

Steven Shafer

Steven Shafer, MD
Stanford University Medical Center


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