The Next Step of the Journey: Celebrating the MSARFs Who Matched in Anesthesiology in 2023

April 17, 2023

The Foundation for Anesthesia Education and Research (FAER) is always delighted to hear the positive impact its grants and programs have on early-career and aspiring investigators. It should come as no surprise then that hearing from past Medical Student Anesthesia Research Fellowship (MSARF) participants who’ve matched into an anesthesiology residency is one of FAER’s favorite occasions for celebration. The excitement from these soon-to-be anesthesiologists is infectious, and it’s a true honor to hear FAER’s role in preparing them for a career in the specialty.

For those unfamiliar, the MSARF program provides medical students an eight-week research experience within an academic anesthesiology department. During the fellowship, students participate in research, training activities, and clinical anesthesia activities, all under the guidance of a dedicated mentor.

On Match Day 2023, FAER reached out to our MSARF alumni inquiring about where they’d matched and any words they’d like to share about their experience with the program. Please enjoy their responses below and join us in congratulating these future leaders of anesthesiology!

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“FAER helped me tremendously in my application process for residency. My research experience with FAER was brought up in almost every single interview.”
Sabah Ali, 2022 MSARF Participant; Matched to Tulane University School of Medicine

“The FAER MSARF program gave me incredible exposure to the best-kept secret in medicine... Anesthesiology! My participation was not only instrumental in my decision to pursue the specialty, but it also allowed me to meet phenomenal mentors and contribute to meaningful research. I would not be where I am today without FAER!”
Eli Arbov, 2020 MSARF Participant; Matched to University of Miami/Jackson Health System

“I had already intended to pursue Anesthesiology but the MSARF program the summer of 2020 only solidified that goal. While plans changed and we adapted to a virtual version of the program, I learned so much from the didactics regarding new research and innovations and the breadth of Anesthesiology as a specialty and connected with great mentors.”
Krupa George, 2020 MSARF Participant; Matched to Baylor College of Medicine

“I participated in the 2020 MSARF - the first virtual MSARF - and loved the opportunity to engage with anesthesiologists in many practice settings and with many research interests. The mentorship I received and education on the breadth of opportunities within the specialty reaffirmed my decision to pursue anesthesiology.”
Elena Haight, 2020 MSARF Participant; Matched to University of California, San Francisco

“I'm grateful for the opportunity that the MSARF provided to gain insight into a career in academic anesthesiology. It was a broad experience involving research, clinical exposure, and mentorship. I'm excited to be returning to my host department for residency at my top choice!”
Lai Jiang, 2022 MSARF Participant; Matched to Mayo Clinic, Rochester

“Participating in MSARF provided me with an excellent opportunity to delve into academic research in the field of anesthesia. The program offered me hands-on experience in conducting research, collaborating with mentors, and refining my skills in scientific writing and critical analysis. The timing of the fellowship, at the end of my third year and the start of my fourth year, was ideal for me. It allowed me to become familiar with the University of Kentucky's anesthesia residency program, which I developed a strong passion for. Overall, MSARF was the perfect amount of time to gain a deeper understanding of anesthesia research and continued to fuel my interest in pursuing a career in the field. It was brought up in many of my interviews and helped me match into anesthesia.”
Jacob King, 2022 MSARF Participant; Matched to Mayo Clinic, Florida

“The FAER MSARF program was fundamental in shaping my interest and passion in pursuing a career as a clinician-scientist in anesthesiology. The mentorship I received from all of the individuals involved with FAER has impacted my choice to pursue a residency program not only with a specific anesthesiology research track, but one with the support and mentorship to pursue my specific research interests. I am so excited to join this specialty and community of clinical educators as I begin my residency and research training!”
Natalie Jane Koons, 2020 MSARF Participant; Matched to Stanford University

“My MSARF experience was one of my most impactful experiences in medical school. Through the MSARF, I explored a new city, made lasting friends, conducted research that sparked my passions, and explored the breadth of clinical anesthesiology. Perhaps the most valuable part of this experience, however, was the mentorship I received. Without a doubt, I will continue to turn to my MSARF mentors for advice for the entirety of my career.”
Bridget Marcinkowski, 2022 MSARF Participant; Matched to Brigham and Women's (Advanced) & George Washington (IM Prelim)

“MSARF was a vital way for me to continue exploring anesthesiology and research during medical school. During the virtual sessions, I had the opportunity to meet mentors and learn about the different paths available to trainees interested in academic anesthesiology. By attending the in-person programming at ASA meetings, I have learned from senior FAER investigators and have started thinking about how I can continue to be involved with FAER programming as a resident and beyond.”
Amanda Naylor, 2020 MSARF Participant; Matched to Cleveland Clinic

“FAER was an amazing way to pursue anesthesiology research and show strong interest in the field of anesthesiology early on during my time in medical school. I was able to get connected with numerous amazing mentors who took the time to comprehensively prepare me for a future in the field of anesthesiology.”
Paul Patel, 2020 MSARF Participant; Matched to University of California, Irvine

“MSARF further fostered my love for anesthesiology and enabled me to see the endless possibilities of research to improve the quality of care that we can provide to our patients.”
Luu Pham, 2020 MSARF Participant; Matched to Medical College of Wisconsin

“I entered medical school leaning towards anesthesia, and the MSARF program, especially during COVID, was the ultimate tipping point to help me pursue.”
Robert Wayne, 2020 MSARF Participant; Matched to New Jersey Medical School

Below is the full list of past MSARF participants who confirmed their match into anesthesiology residences in 2023.


Student MSARF Year  Match Institution
Sabah Ali 2022 Tulane University School of Medicine
Eli Arbov 2020 University of Miami/Jackson Health System
Andrew Burns 2022 Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Olivia Ekean 2020 Yale New Haven hospital
JaVaughn Gray 2020 Stanford University Hospital
Elena Haight 2020 University of California, San Francisco
Thomas Huang 2020 Oregon Health & Science University
Lai Jiang 2022 Mayo Clinic, Rochester
Jeana Kim 2020 University of Illinois at Chicago
Jacob King 2022 Mayo Clinic, Florida
Natalie Jane Koons 2020 Stanford University
Bridget Marcinkowski 2022 Brigham and Women's (Advanced) & George Washington (IM Prelim)
Amanda Naylor 2020 Cleveland Clinic
Eileen Nguyen 2022 University of California, Los Angeles
Paul Patel 2020 University of California, Irvine
Luu Pham 2020 Medical College of Wisconsin
Rachel Rios 2022 Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Lauren Salgueiro 2022 University of Rochester
Amanda Schaefer 2020 Brown University
Kalkena Sivanesam 2021 University of Nebraska
Courtney Strickland 2022 Mayo Clinic Florida Anesthesiology
Robert Wayne 2020 New Jersey Medical School
Jenny Yoon 2022 Johns Hopkins Hospital
Caywin Zhuang 2022 University of Iowa

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