FAER Congratulates MSARF Participants Who Matched in Anesthesiology in 2021

April 12, 2021

FAER’s Medical Student Anesthesia Research Fellowship program provides medical students with an eight-week research experience within an academic anesthesiology department. During the fellowship, with a dedicated mentor, students participate in research and training activities, as well as clinical anesthesia activities.

On Match Day 2021, many of our former program participants were eligible for matching in anesthesiology residency programs. FAER reached out to them via survey to see where they matched. Congratulations to the latest group of future anesthesiologists!

"I am elated about my recent anesthesiology match at Washington University in St. Louis, MO. My match position has confirmed that the knowledge and experiences I gained during medical school were very significant. More importantly, my experience as a Medical Student Anesthesia Research Fellow (MSARF) for the Foundation for Anesthesia Education and Research (FAER) played an integral role in influencing my desire to become an anesthesiologist. My project involved investigating the efficacy of a synthetic copolymer in providing neuronal protection after simulated traumatic brain injuries. This program provided me with meaningful clinical anesthesia exposure and anesthesia-related research. Additionally, this impactful opportunity revealed the full scope of anesthesiology to me early in my medical career. As a result of my FAER experience, I was very interested in the Washington University anesthesiology residency program. I greatly valued having the opportunity to receive excellent clinical training combined with the option to conduct innovative anesthesia-related research during residency."
Javaughn Baker, 2018 MSARF Participant

Updated as of April 30, 2021

Student MSARF Year  Match Institution
Kylie Andersen 2020  Brigham and Women's Hospital and Boston Children's Hospital
Javaughn Baker 2018 Washington University in St. Louis
Belle Benanzea-Fontem 2018 University of California, Los Angeles
Sara Biladeau 2018 University of Louisville
Cameron Bosinski 2018 Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Rosalyn Chen 2020 Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Nelson Del Pilar 2020 University of Rochester and Strong Memorial Hospital
Lydia Duvall 2020 Medical College of Wisconsin
Jessica Fults 2018 University of Alabama at Birmingham - Research Track
Michael Guan 2020 Penn State University
Grace Lim  2018 Brigham and Women's Hospital
Joseph Douglas Perry 2018 University of Kentucky
Ariel Schneier 2018 MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
Blaine Stannard 2018 Mount Sinai Hospital
Walter Taylor 2018 New York-Presbyterian and Weill Cornell Medical Center
Megha Vipani 2018 Cleveland Clinic
Joe Vitale 2018 University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Dominique Williams 2018 Washington University School of Medicine, Barnes-Jewish Hospital, and St. Louis Children’s Hospital Consortium
Ahmed Yousef 2018 Brigham and Women’s Hospital