FAER Congratulates MSARF Participants Who Matched in Anesthesiology

FAER’s Medical Student Anesthesia Research Fellowship program provides medical students in their first, second or third years with an eight-week research experience within an academic anesthesiology department. During the fellowship, with a dedicated mentor, students participate in research and training activities, as well as clinical anesthesia activities. On Match Day 2020, many of our former program participants were eligible for matching in residency programs. FAER reached out to them via survey to see where they matched. Congratulations to the latest group of future anesthesiologists!

Updated as of March 30

Student MSARF Year  Match Institution
Kyle Anderson 2017
 University of Colorado
Chelsea Angel 2017  University of Michigan
Travis Bailey 2017  Ohio State University
Mundeep Bawa 2019  University of Florida
Harmeet  Bawa 2019  University of Florida
Steven Bennett 2017  University of Arizona - Tucson
Lauren Blake 2017  University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Anthony Brenner 2019  Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center
Deborah Chi 2017  Mount Sinai
Erika Chow 2017  Stanford University
Catherine Gao 2018  Mayo Clinic 
Shannon Haley 2017  Thomas Jefferson University
Winston Hamilton 2017  Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
Angie He 2017  Cornell University
Lindsay Holland 2017  Northwestern McGaw Medical Center
Nana Yaa Kwansa
2017  Medical College of Wisconsin
Katherine Mills 2017  University of North Carolina
Jennifer Park 2018  Yale New Haven Hospital
Vesselin Penchev 2017  Johns Hopkins Hospital
Michael Persaud 2017  Yale New Haven Hospital
Katerina Rondel 2017  New York Presbyterian- Cornell
Nathan Vinzant 2018  Mayo Clinic
Damon Wallace 2017  University of North Carolina
Justin Yuan 2017  Stanford University

“I actually did my FAER MSARF at Stanford. I already had a pretty good idea that I wanted to pursue anesthesiology as a first year medical student, so I was hoping that a summer doing research in anesthesiology would confirm my interest and help set me apart for when it came time to apply for residency. While I primarily worked with two incredible pediatric anesthesiologists who could convince any student to pursue anesthesia, Dr. Sam Rodriguez and Dr. Tom Caruso, I was afforded the opportunity to interact with many other members within the department. I attended resident lectures, explored the campus (that I hoped to one day call home), and even had the opportunity to meet with the program director. It was during this summer, after my first year of med school, that I realized what an incredible place Stanford would be to return for residency. It was a dream that I kept chasing throughout med school, and I'm so thankful that I now get to continue working with these incredible people.”
-Justin Yuan