Department & Participant Requirements


Anesthesiology departments that are selected to participate in the FAER Resident Scholar Program must identify a resident who will be able to attend the ANESTHESIOLOGY® annual meeting in its entirety.

Review the information below for resident eligibility and attendance requirements.

Participants in the FAER Resident Scholar Program are required to:

FAER Resident Scholars must attend mandatory program events at the ASA annual meeting. Required events include the following. Dates, times and locations are to be announced.

  • The FAER Medical Student and Resident Scholar Research Symposium
  • The opening meeting of the ASA House of Delegates
  • The Emery A. Rovenstine Memorial Lecture
  • The FAER-Helrich Research Lecture



If you have questions about the Resident Scholar Program, contact the FAER office at 630-912-2554.