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FAER’s mission becomes reality through generous financial support of our grants and programs. Private support of FAER funds discoveries and innovations that change the way we practice medicine and care for our patients.

FAER recognizes the critical impact the mentor-mentee relationship often has on one's life and career. So, we asked people who believe in education, research, and the advancement of medicine to make a donation in honor of their mentor or mentee. Below is our list of of those who chose to honor a mentor or mentee with a donation to FAER.

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2019 Honor Your Mentor Donors and Honorees
*Alphabetized by mentor/honoree last name.*

Meredith A. Albrecht, MD, PhD, in honor of Dr. Ronald F. Albrecht, I

Thomas L. Warren, MD, in honor of Dr. Stanley Antosh

Elizabeth L. Whitlock, MD, MA, MSc, in honor of Dr. Michael Avidan

Richard D. Urman, MD, MBA, FASA, in honor of Dr. Angela Bader
"Dr. Bader was my mentor for the FAER education research grant; provided invaluable guidance throughout the process: writing the grant; designing the study; analyzing the results. She inspired me to pursue other grants (AHRQ) in Shared Decision Making."

UPenn Anesthesiology Residents in honor of Dr. Dimitry Baranov
"To our wonderful program director who brings a mix of humor and strong leadership to our residency. Thank you!"

Karen S. Sibert, MD, FASA, in honor of Dr. Paul Barash
"Dr. Barash was an inspiration and a wonderful role model to me as a resident, and a great friend in all the years to follow."

Brian E. Harrington, MD, in honor of Karen Bieterman

Harriet W. Hopf, MD, FASA, in honor of Dr. Martin Bogetz
"Dr. Bogetz is a talented, kind, & thoughtful physician & mentor. He was a master at supervised autonomy. He taught me the importance of engaging with institutional finances & structure. He modeled work-life integration. He continues to inspire my work."

Richard E. Park, MD, in honor of Dr. Phillip O. Bridenbaugh

Philip G. Morgan, MD, and Margaret M. Sedensky, MD, in honor of Dr. Helmut F. Cascorbi
"Dr. Cascorbi was instrumental in the formulation and successful start to our research using C. elegans to study volatile anesthetic action. His unfailing support and insights into the work were crucial to the work. Perhaps more importantly, his sense of humor and humanity kept us grounded and insured that we always maintained a close connection with our clinical colleagues."

Texas Society of Anesthesiologists in honor of Dr. Gus E. Cezeaux Jr.

Jijun Xu, MD, PhD, in honor of Dr. Jianguo Cheng
"For unlimited mentoring in both basic and clinical career development."

Sam R. Sharar, MD, in honor of Dr. Michael K. Copass
"Dr. Copass instilled in all his trainees our professional obligation to "treat every patient like a bank president" -- essential in our busy urban county hospital -- and to have a unwavering high standard for personal behavior and professional performance."

Deborah J. Culley, MD, in honor of Dr. Gregory Crosby
"In honor of my long-standing mentor Gregory Crosby. My career would not be inclusive of Research and Leadership without his mentorship."

Ayse O. Kula, MD, in honor of Dr. Thomas J. Ebert

Daniel I. Sessler, MD, (2019 Match Donor) in honor of Dr. Edmond (Ted) Eger, II
"Ted was never formally my mentor, but he was an inspiration to everyone. I learned a remarkable amount just listening to him, especially in the departmental research meetings he moderated. Ted's unwavering search for accuracy and clarity still guides me."

Lynn Spitler, MD, in honor of Dr. Edmond (Ted) Eger, II
"This donation is in memory of my darling husband, Ted Eger, the best mentor I ever had."

Robert A. Pearce, MD, Ph.D., in honor of Dr. Edmond (Ted) Eger, II
"Ted had a remarkable ability to frame a question in a way that facilitated interpretation of the research, focusing not only on what could be learned but equally importantly on what could not. He taught this skill to many others, including me."

Kathryn A. Grice, MD, in honor of Dr. James Eisenach

Hugh C. Hemmings Jr., MD, PhD, in honor of Dr. James Eisenach

Steven Shafer, MD, in honor of Dr. James Eisenach
"Jim has been a mentor, role model, collaborator, and friend for nearly my entire academic career."

Chuanyao Tong, MD, in honor of Dr. James Eisenach

Victor C. Baum, MD, in honor of Dr. Robert M. Epstein

Robert F. Bedford, MD, FACA, in honor of Dr. Robert M. Epstein
"My first mentor. Showed me how first-rate research and first-rate clinical care are interrelated."

Edward D. Miller, MD, FACA, in honor of Dr. Robert M. Epstein
"He built a great department ,was a leader in the medical center and developed my career."

UPenn Anesthesiology Residents in honor of Dr. Lee Fleisher
"To our wonderful chairman for all of his outstanding teaching and mentoring and support of our residency program."

Justin N. Tawil, MD, BS, in honor of Dr. Julie Freed
"Julie is a leader and an amazing physician scientist!"

John Williams, MD, BS, in honor of Dr. Joseph C. Gabel
"Without Joe’s influence on my career I can quite honestly say I would have never achieved most of my academic career."

Lawrence C. Tsen, MD, in honor of Dr. Simon Gelman

UPenn Anesthesiology Residents in honor of Dr. Emily Gordon
"To our new Vice Chair for Education who brings a lot of wisdom, advice and makes everyone feel supported. We always know your door is open to us! Thank you!"

Mary D. Peterson, MD, MHA, FACHE, FASA, in honor of Dr. Joy L. Hawkins

Margot Hardenbergh, PhD, in honor of Dr. Boris D. Heifets

Anne M. Lynn, MD, in honor of Dr. Thomas F. Hornbein

John R. Eisenach, MD, in honor of Dr. Michael J. Joyner

George M. Hoffman, MD, in honor of Dr. John P. Kampine
"Dr. Kampine was the reason that I joined MCW in 1987. He established a tradition of organ- and systems-based physiology even more relevant for current anesthesia and critical care practice. His energy, enthusiasm, and honesty drove all relationships."

Anonymous in honor of Dr. John P. Kampine

Katie J. Schenning, MD, MPH, in honor of Dr. Jeffrey Kirsch

Corrie Anderson, MD, and Virginia Williams in honor of Dr. Babu V. Koka

Allison J. Lee, MD, in honor of Dr. Ruth Landau
"Dr. Landau is a role model and an unwavering supporter. Words cannot express my thanks."

Ann D. Caldwell, MD, in honor of Dr. John Lecky
"I trained under Dr. Lecky at the University of Washington. I learned a lot about anesthesia from him, but I also learned about running an OR board and I interacting with surgeons. I am fortunate to have had Dr. Lecky as my attending."

Phyllis Weiss, M.D., in honor of Dr. Lauren Lisann-Goldman

Michael C. Lewis, MD, FASA, in honor of Dr. David Lubarsky
"When David Lubarsky became Chair at the University of Miami, he helped create an environment that fertilized opportunity. It was acceptable for folks to come forward with ideas, if they had a plan and supporting logic he would support. Eternally grateful."

Steven Shafer, MD, in honor of Dr. Richard I. Mazze
"Dick offered me my first job after fellowship: staff anesthesiologist at the Palo Alto VA. He also gave me the best academic advice: space matters. There are many ways to get money, people, and ideas, but space is the most precious."

Christin Engelhardt in honor of Dr. Douglas Merrill

Vincent Defilippi, MD, in honor of Dr. Elsie F. Meyers

Joseph W. Szokol, MD, FASA, in honor of Dr. Glenn Murphy
"This is in honor of one of the best clinical researchers in anesthesia today."

Thomas R. Murray, MD, PhD, in honor of Dr. Bryan E. Marshall

Rebecca A. Aslakson, MD, PhD, in honor of Dr. Peter Pronovost
"Simply said, I would not be the researcher that I am, or have the career that I have, without the mentorship of Peter Pronovost. He provided sage and essential guidance, introduced me to key research leaders in my field, and helped to ‘launch’ me."

Ryan Nazemian, MD, in honor of Dr. James Reynolds
"In honor of my mentor, friend and idol who teaches me everyday to be passionate, optimistic, kind and loyal. I'll always be indebted to him for his trust and continued support and mentoring."

Andrew A. Greenberg, MD, in honor of Dr. Timothy Robinson
"Tim was a dedicated anesthesiologist with whom I had the pleasure to serve for many years as an officer and on the Executive Committee of the Maryland Society of Anesthesiologists. He is missed."

James Eisenach, MD, FAER President and CEO, in honor of Dr. Jim Rose
"This is in honor of my mentor, a fetal physiologist who taught me so much when I was in his lab studying fetal brain protection in utero during ischemic."

Pamela Flood, MD, MA, and Steven Shafer, M.D., (2019 Match Donors) in honor of Dr. Lawrence Saidman

Jane Easdown, MD, FRCPC, in honor of Dr. Warren S. Sandberg
"For support of all research and innovation at Vanderbilt University Medical Center."

Douglas R. Bacon, MD, MA, FASA, Dr. Alan Sessler
"Dr. Sessler represent the consummate anesthesiologist, research and gentleman. He was a great influence on my career and taught me many important lessons on leadership and research."

Kamal Maheshwari, MD, MPH, in honor of Dr. Daniel I. Sessler
"Precision and clarity, in speech and writing can be learned."

Robert S. Griffin, MD, in honor of Dr. Robert K. Stoelting

Astrid G. Stucke, MD, in honor of Dr. Eckehard Stuth

Alice L. Landrum, MD, in honor of Dr. Dola S. Thompson

Lois Wetmore, DVM, MS, in honor of Dr. George Topulos
"Taught me everything I know about movement of anesthetic gases throughout the body and acid base balance. He is a true mentor that inspired learning."

Michael S. Avidan, BCh, MB, FRCA, in honor of Dr. Keven Tremper
"Kevin Tremper, widely known with great affection as KT, has done so much to advance our specialty over four decades. On a personal note, KT has been a great mentor and source of inspiration. I honor him enthusiastically with this gift to FAER."

Joyce A. Wahr, MD, and Dennis Wahr in honor of Dr. Kevin Tremper

John C. Rowlingson, MD, FACA, in honor of UVA Department of Anesthesia

Kathryn E. McGoldrick, MD, FACA, in honor of Dr. Alan VanPoznak

James H. Fitzpatrick Jr., MD, in honor of John F. Vireuc

Christin Engelhardt in honor of Dr. Eugene Viscusi

Paul E. Bigeleisen, MD, in honor of Dr. Denham S. Ward

William D. Hetrick, MD, FACA, in honor of Dr. Bernard Wolfson

John S. Oehrle, MD, in honor of Dr. Bernard Wolfson

Paloma Toledo, MD, MPH, in honor of Dr. Cynthia Wong
"Dr. Wong was instrumental in helping me start my career as a physician scientist. She was not only a great mentor, but an incredible career role model, and is now a friend. We miss her at Northwestern, but are proud of all that she has accomplished!"

Markus G. Klass, MD, PhD, in honor of Dr. James R. Zaidan
"Dr. Zaidan is a true role model as a physician, leader and human being. We need more like him."

Wei Chao, MD, PhD, in honor of Dr. Warren Zapol

Lena E. Dohlman, MD, MPH, in honor of Dr. Warren Zapol

Eckehard A. Stuth, MD, and Janellen Becker-Stuth in honor of Dr. Edward Zuperku
"Dr. Zuperku is a brilliant mentor who understands and knows the experimental data of his proteges better than they do. If every mentor was as engaged in the work of his mentees there would be only reliable data! Thank you Ed for your selfless dedication!"


Medical College of Wisconsin Donors in Support of Dr. Ebert

In honor of Dr. John Kampine, Dr Thomas J. Ebert pledged to donate to match all donations made to the 2019 Honor Your Mentor campaign up to a total of $5,000. With the help of Dr. Ebert’s colleagues at the Medical College of Wisconsin, this goal has been met and exceeded. FAER thanks Dr. Ebert and the Department of Anesthesiology at MCW for their generous gifts and support.

Meredith A. Albrecht, MD, PhD
Brent T. Boettcher, DO
Jesse M. Ehrenfeld, MD, FASA
Julie K. Freed, MD, PhD
George M. Hoffman, MD
Ayse O. Kula, MD
Kathryn K. Lauer, MD
Cynthia A. Lien, MD
Astrid G. Stucke, MD
Justin N. Tawil, MD, BS

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