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Our Donors

Thank you for your support! The people who believe in education and research, and the advancement of medicine, make FAER’s mission a reality through generous financial support of our grants and programs. Private support of FAER funds discoveries and innovations that change the way we practice medicine and care for our patients.

The donations below were made in 2020. We also offer a historical page detailing our 2019 donors.

Tribute Gifts - In Memory

Woodrow W. Wendling, MD, PhD, in memory of Dr. Gary Atkinson

Kathryn E. McGoldrick, MD, FACA, in memory of Dr. Paul Barash

Amanda Fox, MD, in memory of Dr. Clarence Benn

Alastair and Margaret Wood, MBChB, FACA, FRCA, in memory of Drs. M. Lawrence Berman and Bradley Smith

Ida Boutros in memory of Dr. Azmy Boutros

Thomas T. McGranahan, MD, FACA, in memory of Dr. Genevieve Burk

Texas Society of Anesthesiologists in memory of Dr. Francis Davis

Texas Society of Anesthesiologists, in memory of Dr. Lisa Farrow-Gillespie

Catherine P. Jung, MD, in memory of Dr. Eugene Fibuch
"Dr. Fibuch’s strength and dedication to anesthesia education and research inspire me to donate each year in his honor. He was much more than a program director, he was a mentor, leader and support system to me during residency. Rest In Peace, Dr. Fibuch."

Claude R. Swayze, MD, in memory of Dr. Irwin Fox

Maribel P. Galiano-Goll, MD, in memory of Dr. Eric Goll

Joseph F. Antognini, MD, FASA, in memory of Dr. Gerald Gronert
"Gerry supported me when I needed it most. Without him, I would have never been a successful academic anesthesiologist."

Susan Lisman, MD, in memory of Dr. Jana Hudcova

Katz Family Foundation in memory of Dr. Ronald L. Katz

Cynthia V. Mateo, MD, FACA, memory of Dr. Ronald L. Katz

Matthew Kremke, MBA, in memory of Sally A. Kremke

Mark C. Norris, MD, in memory of Dr. Barbara Leighton
"Barbara was a valued colleague who was dedicated to the advancement of anesthesiology."

Mayo Clinic Rochester, in memory of Dr. Orlan Narr

Rita Orkin in memory of Dr. Louis Orkin

Sarah Pender, PhD, in memory of Dr. John Pender
"In honor of John W. Pender, MD, life member of the ASA."

Eugene P. Sinclair, MD, FACA, and Mrs. Sinclair, in memory of Dr. Philip Powondra

Texas Society of Anesthesiologists, in memory of Dr. Catherine Scholl

Lee S. Perrin, MD, in memory of Elinor Stecker Orel

Iowa Society of Anesthesiologists, in memory of Dr. Tom Tooney

In Memory of Dr. Alan Sessler

In March of 2020, many joined FAER in mourning the passing of Dr. Alan Sessler, an original founder of FAER and pillar of the anesthesiology community. Below is a list of those who chose to donate to FAER in memory of Dr. Sessler as well as quotes they provided in his honor. We also invite you to read the personal tribute written by Dr. James Eisenach from the perspective of both a mentee and the President and CEO of FAER.

Joseph P. Annis, M.D., FACA
“Alan was such a mentor and teacher. He encouraged me to join the FAER board some years ago....I enjoyed the experience of serving on the board and serving with Alan.”

Douglas R. Bacon, MD, MA, FASA
"Dr. Sessler was the consumate gentleman, physician, anesthesiologist and friend. I honor his legacy at FAER."

Jeffrey S. Berger, M.D., M.B.A., FASA
“I have been counting on the ASPF more than ever in these times and I just wanted to thank you all for your work.”

Philip F. Boyle, M.D., FASA
"Dr. Sessler was everything you could want in a department chief."

James C. Eisenach, MD
"A personal and FAER hero!"

James S. Gessner, M.D., FACA

Francis M. James, III, M.D., FACA
“I know Alan through our association on the American Board of Anesthesiology and FAER. He was a true gentleman, a wise person, a terrific leader and a solid friend. Many people will miss him.”

Tony Jones, M.D.

Sara Lueders

David Martin, M.D., Ph.D., FASA, and Laura Martin

Brian P. McGlinch, MD
"Mentor, counselor and friend."

Joseph M. Messick, Jr., M.D., FACA

Steven Rettke, MD, FACA and Mary Rettke
"Dr. Sessler was a quietly effective and caring individual whose wise counsel was greatly appreciated. He firmly believed that the key to an enduring medical organization as a strong educational focus."

Alastair and Margaret Wood, M.B.Ch.B., FACA, FRCA

James R. Zaidan, M.D., M.B.A.
“To my friend for so many years, and the world's best mentor. I could never say no to Dr. Sessler.”