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Mentorship is an important part of building a successful and productive career in medicine. You can recognize the outstanding mentors who support and guide future physician scientists by making a tribute donation to FAER.

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Your generosity and gratitude give back to anesthesiology. You will be supporting the research grant opportunities that ensure early career anesthesiologists and trainees receive strong mentorship that leads to newfound knowledge and scientific discovery.

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Mentor Tributes

Melanie Alo, MD in memory of Dr. Lewis Coveler
“In memory of my mentor Lewis Coveler who showed me the path toward anesthesiology when I was an undecided medical student. Once in residency, he guided me as well, always teaching and being supportive, bolstering my confidence. I eventually had the honor of working with him as a member of our group of pediatric anesthesiologists.”

Dr. Corrie T. Anderson in honor of Clyde Anderson and Ronald Katz, MD
“My father was the best role model a son could have. He taught me honesty, respect for one self and a thirst to learn and do my best. Dr. Katz was the greatest chairman I have ever had. He did not put limits on me and was intellectually challenging. He taught me about more than anesthesiology – about how to be a good leader.”

Robert F. Bedford, MD in memory of Donald Clark MD
“In ‘memory’ of my mentor Donald Clark, MD. First one-on-one instructor, summer 1969.”

David Broussard, MD in honor of Armin Schubert, MD
“Armin’s commitment to anesthesia education and research are an inspiration to everyone he touches. Thank you for everything you have done for the profession!”

Richard Clark, MD in honor of Carmelita Pablo, MD
“She saved our department!”

David J. Cullen, MD, MS in honor of Ted Eger, MD
“He changed me from just a clinician to an academic clinical scientist and made possible my career at Mass General Hospital and Harvard Medical School.”

Mark L. D’Agostino, MD in honor of John Patrick “Pat” O’Gara, MD
“As a private practitioner, Pat was dedicated to learning and teaching. In addition, his patient care was excellent. He took time to know his patients, medically and personally.”

Melle Dalton, MD in honor of Ned Bowe, MD
“Dr. Bowe was my chairman who modeled fun competition with joy, stories, teamly patient care and excellence in academics.”

Melle Dalton, MD in honor of Paul Eckenbrecht, MD
“As my attending, he valued and modeled kindness to patients and attention to detail.”

Melle Dalton, MD in honor of Jeff Haladay, MD
“Modeled consistency, patience and unwavering quality of care as my attending.”

Melle Dalton, MD in honor of Gordon Langston, MD
“As my attending, he modeled service and efficiency and now models acceptance.”

Melle Dalton, MD in honor of Grant Meisner, MD
“Modeled academic excellence and knowledge as my attending and now kindness and compassion.”

Melle Dalton, MD in honor of David Oliver, MD
“Was my attending and now a mentor modeling how to serve in administrative ways.”

Melle Dalton, MD in honor of James F. Turner, MD
“Modeled later as my attending and partner now; how to help trainees relax, strive to learn and how to keep a realistic perspective of what really matters such as friends and family.”

Melle Dalton, MD in honor of John Quinn, MD
“Mentored and modeled a love of learning and leading; quiet kindness, perseverance, creative problem solving and exemplary care.”

Melle Dalton, MD in honor of Christopher Yeakel, MD
“Modeled perfection, laughter and clarity in care and collaborating with peers and providers.”

Paul Garcia, MD, PhD in honor of James R. Zaidan, MD, MBA

John Geiser, MD in honor of Various Mentors

Brian E. Harrington, MD in honor of Joe Neal, MD
“Not only is Joe a great mentor, encouraging others for excellence, but he is also a perfect role model (modest, hard-working and has intellectual integrity).”

Clyde W. Jones, MD in honor of Arthur Y. Sprague, MD, FACA
“Dr. Sprague is a consummate professional. He taught me to be technically and clinically excellent and the importance of hard work, dedication, confidence, self reliability and assurance.”

Gerald Kirk, MD in honor of Denham Ward, MD, PhD
“Dr. Ward was the residency program director at UCLA when I trained there 30 years ago. His career is the perfect example for academic anesthesiologists who aspire to combine excellence in critical care, research, teaching and administration. Although it will be a loss for FAER, I wish him the best in his retirement.”

Sapna Kudchadkar, MD in honor of Myron Yaster, MD
“Myron Yaster has always epitomized the word mentor in the truest sense of the word — not just as a clinical and research mentor, but as a career mentor who has his mentees best interests always as his most central focus.”

Philip Lebowitz, MD, MBA in honor of Richard Kitz, MD

Susan R. Lisman, MD in honor of Bebe Wunderlich, MD

Sean Love in honor of Fumito Ichinose, MD
“Between my first and second year of medical school, Dr. Fumito Ichinose introduced me to the dynamic and exciting field of anesthesiology. In addition to mentoring my first basic science research project and demonstrating the unique perspective that anesthesiology affords to medical research, Dr. Ichinose invited me to the OR and to specialist outpatient centers where I was able to see the important clinical work of physician anesthesiologists in action. His patience, dedication to my education and personal growth, and innovative work as a researcher and clinician have inspired me to pursue a similar career in academic anesthesiology. My donation to FAER today is a token of my appreciation for Dr. Ichinose and for the kind and generous opportunity that FAER gave me to pursue research in the field as a medical student.”

Thomas R. Murray, MD, PhD in honor of Bryan Marshall, MD
“Dr. Marshall has a truly remarkable capacity for facilitating collaboration and weaving together data from multiple sources to generate unifying explanations for complex physiologic questions.”

Paul Pagel, MD, PhD in honor of M. Saeed Dhamee, MD
Dr. Dhamee was my best clinical role model and the finest cardiac anesthesiologist in Milwaukee’s history.  I quietly thank him every time I step into the heart room.

Paul Pagel, MD, PhD in honor of John P. Kampine, MD, PhD
“Dr. Kampine is the reason why I am an academic cardiac anesthesiologist.  I can’t begin to thank him enough for his guidance, encouragement, sincerity, generosity and friendship.”

May Pian-Smith, MD, MS in honor of Warren M. Zapol, MD

Sam R. Sharar, MD in honor of Robert K. Winn, PhD
“He tolerated my ignorance and quietly guided me – making me feel that occasional successes were my doing, even though he was the key ingredient and role model:  Wicked sense of humor!”

Jan D. Smith, MB ChB in memory of Peter Safar, MD
“He changed my life and career!”

Brant Wagener, MD in honor of Keith A. Jones, MD
“Dr. Jones has provided our department with a fantastic infrastructure to develop young researchers.  Without it, my research fellowship would not have been possible.”

Brant Wagener, MD in honor of Sadis Matalon, PhD
“Sadis has been an excellent co-mentor who has provided me with guidance that I would not have received from most mentors.  Outstanding mentor that needs to be recognized!”

Brant Wagener, MD in honor of Jean-Francois Pittet, MD
“Jean-Francois has provided me with experience as a research fellow that has been and will be instrumental to my career development as an academic anesthesiologist. I would not be able to take my next step as a researcher without him.”

Mark Warner, MD in honor of Alan D. Sessler, MD
“He’s been my mentor since June 28, 1979, when I told my wife, Mary Ellen, that some day I wanted to be like Dr. Sessler. It was our first day as residents, and he and Dr. Ron Faust had oriented us. He’s been my mentor ever since — and continues in that role to this day.”

Jijun Xu, MD, PhD in honor of Mohamed Naguib, MD