The GHO Committee in collaboration with the ASA Charitable Foundation supports Lifebox by raising awareness about the need for pulse oximeters, and by providing education, training and follow up thoughout Latin American.

Lifebox Training

Lifebox Volunteers

In 2013, the pulse oximter gap was filled in Guatemala and Nicaragua, and education, training and follow up was provided by a team of ASA volunteers.

In 2014, the GHO sent an ASA volunteer team to Guyana to provide education and training. Follow up to assess the utility of Lifebox use was continued in 2015.

If you would like to become involved or volunteer, please fill out an application today.


Lifebox Donations

The Challenge: To save the lives of thousands of people undergoing surgery in under-resourced countries through the use of a simple medical device called a pulse oximeter.

The Cost: Just $250 (US) per package including delivery which includes an education CD with training materials for self learning and classroom programs. 

The Benefit: By supporting you will help save a precious life – a mother, a sister, a brother, a new born baby. You will join a world movement to improve surgical safety.

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