How To Partner With When Seconds Count

When Seconds Count is a patient-focused resource from the American Society of Anesthesiologists. This website aims to:

  • Educate patients about anesthesia, pain management and the medical experts committed to patient safety and high-quality care during surgery, medical procedures and other treatments.
  • Alert patients and policymakers to the importance of patient-centered, physician-led care and the critical role physician anesthesiologists play in ensuring patient safety.

Download and share the partner materials below on your online communications platforms to inform your community, networks and patients on the ways physician anesthesiologists contribute to their safety, health and well-being.

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Pain Management

Pain can be debilitating and frustrating. It may interfere with a patient’s sleep, work, activities and quality time with friends and family. Treatment for pain is complex and can lead to harmful effects if medication is not administered and monitored properly. That’s why pain management may require the expertise of a physician anesthesiologist who specializes in pain medicine. The materials below explain physician anesthesiologists’ services, including the types of pain they specialize in and how they treat it, using both medication and nondrug alternatives.

Visit our Pain Management page here.


Preparing for Surgery

When patients have an upcoming surgery or medical procedure, they may have concerns, feel nervous or have anxiety about undergoing anesthesia. The resources below guide patients through the preparation process, providing procedure overviews, questions to ask their physician anesthesiologists and checklists.

Visit our Preparing for Surgery page here.


Labor and Delivery

Every woman’s pain during labor is different. A patient may use no medication, may choose from various pain management options or may even have their plan change depending on how labor progresses. Physician anesthesiologists guide expecting mothers through their pain management decisions and help them have the best possible labor and delivery experience. The content below explains these treatment options, informs women on potential risks and helps them advocate for themselves throughout their pregnancy.

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Female nurse looking at child patient.

Physician anesthesiologists are the most highly skilled medical experts in anesthesia care, pain management and critical care medicine. They have the education and training that, in some circumstances, can mean the difference between life and death.