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February 17
conference-meeting Adult & Pediatric Regional Anesthesia
Feb 17, 2018
Credits: 8

One on One, hands-on course with Arun Kalava MD, a board certified anesthesiologist, with regional anesthesia fellowship from Mayo Clinic. Recognized internationally as a thought leader in regional anesthesia with experience in teaching essential ultrasound regional anesthesia skills to both small and large groups. This course will be a Private One-One Session and will make you proficient in performing 1. Interscalene 2. Supraclavicular 3. Infraclavicular 4. Axillary, 5. PECS 6. Serratus Anterior Plane 7. Sub-Costal TAP 8. Classical TAP 9. Quadratus Lumborum (QL) 10. Rectus Sheath 11. Fascia Iliaca 12. Femoral 13. Adductor Canal 14. Popliteal 15. Sub-gluteal Sciatic and 16. Ankle blocks. Special training also is provided on use of Ultrasound of the Spine to assist in spinals/epidurals. Also, you will learn the latest blocks i.e., Anterior Suprascapular and Erector Spinae blocks. Two adult and 2 pediatric live models will be used to provide extensive ultrasound training.

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ARUN KALAVA MD 375 S 12TH STREET Tampa, FL 33602 United States of America 646-620-5245 (Tel)