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May 09
conference-meeting Obstetric Anesthesia Past, Present, Future
May 9 - 13, 2018

Join speakers and leading experts as they share the latest advances and research in obstetrics, obstetric anesthesia and perinatology. Learn from the foremost specialists in the field on how to manage challenging obstetric cases. In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of SOAP, a history of the Society will be given by one of the founders of SOAP, Dr. Bradley Smith - followed by "The Next 50 Years" presented by SOAP President, Dr. Brendan Carvalho, and SOAP President Elect, Dr. Mark Zakowski. Why Attend? This meeting will address the national opioid epidemic, how it affects the obstetric population and how obstetric anesthesiologists can help. Dr. Jerome M. Adams, Surgeon General of the United States will be speaking. There is a specifically designed clinician track for all private practitioners of obstetric anesthesia. The most up to date information concerning critical care in obstetric anesthesia - what you need to know. Patients are asking for Baby Friendly Cesarean - be prepared.

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