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June 11
conference-meeting euro midwifery conference
Jun 11 - 13, 2018

The extent of midwifery nursing and Practice envelops clinical practice, training, counsel, research, and organization. Midwifery care is balanced and continuous in nature, understanding of the social, cultural, spiritual, emotional, physical and psychological struggle of women. Midwives are described as gatekeepers defining active labour. The range of roles, functions, responsibilities and activities which a registered nurse or registered midwife is educated, competent and has authority to perform. The purpose of the Scope of Nursing and Midwifery Practice Framework (the Framework) is to provide nurses and midwives with professional guidance and support on matters relating to the scope of their clinical practice. It incorporates a flowchart to help nurses and midwives to define and make decisions about their own scope of practice.

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