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August 30
Aug 30 - 31, 2018

Conference Series gladly invites all the participants across the globe to attend the Head and Neck Oncology Conference: Precaution and Treatment conference which is to be held during August 30-31 in Dubai, UAE. The conference is a great platform to discuss the novel research in Treatment of Head and Neck cancers and latest treatment technologies developed in the field. The focus and theme of the conference is “Therapeutic dimensions and Cutting-edge technologies in Treatment of Head & Neck Cancer”. Head and Neck Oncology Conference: Precaution and Treatment will emphasise on the latest and inspiring innovations which offers an inimitable opportunity for investigators across the globe to meet, network, and distinguish new scientific innovations. The conference is concentrated on the treatment and Prevention for Head and Neck Cancers. Widely acclaimed speakers, the latest procedures, advancements, and the most up to date refreshes in Oncology are the signs of this gathering. ME Conferences in association with Conference Series organize conferences for knowledge sharing and providing global platform to explore and learn new researches in their respective fields. These conferences cover diverse top ranked specialties and budding aspects of important and relatively broad subject areas. ME Conferences wants to serve the global information community in the development and distribution of high quality, scholarly conferences.

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