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November 07
conference-meeting Infancy 2018
Nov 7 - 8, 2018

The prestigious 4th Annual Summit on Infancy, Child Nutrition & Development to be held on November 07-08, 2018 in Atlanta, USA will focus on the theme “Novel Discoveries & Strategies for Infant Care”. We are confident that you will enjoy the Scientific Program of this upcoming Conference. Infancy 2018 Annual Conference will offer 17panel tracks, providing you with plenty of choices for where to submit your proposal. They are: • The New-born • Infancy Nursing & Care • Infant Nutrition • Infant Diet • Breast Feeding • Child Development & Stages • Physical Development in Childhood • Cognitive Development in Childhood • Socioemotional Development in Childhood • Influence of Parenting Style on Child Development • Cultural and Societal Influences on Child Development • Child Developmental & Behavioural Disorders • Maternal & Child Medical Care Now's your opportunity to submit a proposal for the 2018 Annual Conference that combines a practitioner's experience with the best scholarly research has to offer. For more details on sessions, topics, visit:

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