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November 19
conference-meeting Biopolymers 2018
Nov 19 - 21, 2018

‘9th International Conference on Biopolymers and Polymer Sciences’ is an event showcasing the advancements in the concept of biomaterials and its possible application in engineering, material science, and medicine. It will also cover key principles of polymer technology. This event presents all the participants and delegates with an opportunity to meet and converse with experts belonging to various disciplines of biomaterial science and also to expand their knowledge on the latest developments, new manufacturing technologies, novel resources and raw materials. The market for biomaterials is expected to show tremendous growth rate due to numerous ongoing researches and development of biopolymeric materials which are capable of undergoing biodegradation and exhibit biocompatibility. Delegates will be provided an opportunity to Meet representatives of their Business sector and share ideas on technology and innovation on biopolymers and biotechnology in this multicultural gathering, this is the biggest chance to listen to world-renowned keynote speakers, scientists, doctorates and researchers from all around the globe who will impart their vast knowledge and newest innovations in bio-polymer technology which will result in arrival of new age materials for our future needs.

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