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February 08
board-review-courses The Essential Oral Board Review 321 Simulation Course
Feb 8 - 10, 2019

Unlike any other review course, the 3:2:1 Simulation Course offers the most realistic Oral Board experience available. All exams are administered by 2 Examiners to 1 Candidate. Each exam is 100% realistic and followed by detailed, constructive, and feedback. No work group exceeds 3 persons, which maximizes interaction, personalized attention, and, ultimately your mastery of Consultant Attributes.

Don’t be caught off guard by the rapid-fire intensity and rigor of the real exam. Experience it early. Make sure you have the ability to handle any examiner, no matter how fast-paced or aggressive, and any line of questioning, no matter how incisive or detailed.

The 321 Simulation Course comes with 6 Mock Oral exams, all given 2-on-1 by our expert faculty, plus the ability to view 12 additional exams taken by others. Online Recordings for all exams are available for view before and after the course through our Learn-at-Home Video Library. All registrants are strongly encouraged to attend the Anesthesia Boot Camp, held the two days before each 321 Course, at no extra charge!

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