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May 02
board-review-courses The Essential Oral Board Review 4 Day Crash Course
May 2 - 5, 2019

Offered immediately before Boards week, the 4-Day Crash Course provides an unrivaled, last-minute review of Consultant-level information and controversial topics confronting today’s practicing anesthesiologist. Through 4 intense days of high-yield learning, candidates gain a detailed understanding of the issues that define our profession and commonly appear on the Oral Boards.

Covering the same essential information as our 6-Day course, the 4-Day Crash Course has become the most highly attended and successful live Oral Board Review course in the country. Learn why this tour de force review of Perioperative Medicine has helped hundreds of candidates not only earn a passing Board score, but improve their delivery of quality patient care.

The 4D Crash Course comes with 4 Mock Oral exams given by our expert faculty, with the option of obtaining more. Latest Bonus: 8 Online Recordings available for view through our Learn-at-Home Video Library!

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