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September 03
board-review-courses The Essential Oral Board Review 6 Day Ultimate Review Course
Sep 3 - 8, 2019

Unlike any other course available, the 6-Day Ultimate Review is a total emersion experience. Six days is the time needed to properly identify conceptual errors, address communication problems, and elevate every aspect of your performance to the level of a Perioperative Consultant. Over 6 days, you will notice true change – improvements that are retained and applicable to both Oral Boards and everyday practice.

The key to the success of our 6D Ultimate Review is twofold: First, our ability to present all relevant topics covered on the Oral Exam in a manner that is easily understood. Second, multiple group discussion and peer-to-peer/examiner exercises designed to promote understanding and desensitization to public speaking.

All essential knowledge points are clearly covered with engaging Power Point slides. All knowledge points are evidence-based, up-to-date, and include incisive pro/con analysis. Candidates leave the course with a trove of accurate, state-of-the-art knowledge; the ability to think more analytically; and the skills needed to communicate more confidently and persuasively.

Most importantly, they become motivated to put their newfound Consultant skills to test and continue higher-level learning. Beyond merely helping you passing a test, the course enhances the way Candidates take care of patients, interact with colleagues, and practice Perioperative Medicine. By all accounts, the 6D Review is the most comprehensive, efficient, and effective Oral Board Review available.

The 6D Crash Course comes with 4 Mock Oral exams given by our expert faculty, with the option of obtaining more. Latest Bonus: 8 Online Recordings available for view through our Learn-at-Home Video Library!

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