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November 15
Nov 15, 2019

This one day simulation training course in anesthesia crisis management meets the simulation training requirement for Part IV (Practice Performance Assessment & Improvement) of Maintenance of Certification in Anesthesiology (MOCA®). Completion of the course provides board-certified anesthesiologists with MOCA® credit toward one component of Part IV. Please consult the ABA website,, for a list of all other MOCA® requirements. Course objectives: 1. Provide management of hemodynamic and respiratory critical events in anesthesia. 2. Practice up-to-date techniques in a safe learning environment. 3. Reflect on optimal teamwork, leadership and communication skills required in crisis management. Course highlights: 1. Your performance will not be graded. THIS IS NOT A TEST! 2. Experiential learning: You will be in the “hot seat” as the primary anesthesiologist for at least one scenario 3. Small course size: 4-6 participants with 2-3 instructors per course Enrolled participants will experience or observe various clinical scenarios carefully selected to represent common and infrequent critical events in anesthesia practice. Each participant will play the role of the primary anesthesiologist for at least one scenario and observe or serve as a secondary responder for the other scenarios. Each scenario is followed by a group debriefing. Participants will refresh their skills in managing critical incidents, team interactions and resource utilization.

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