May 11
simulation-education MOCA - Maintenance of Certification in Anesthesia
May 11, 2020

2020 MOCA Simulation Courses will be held at UC Irvine. There will be a brief orientation to the simulation equipment and then participants will partake in a series of simulated events during a guided approach of 6–8 hours of instruction. These events will include significant CRM hemodynamic instability, significant hypoxemia, and other difficult patient care situations. Teamwork and communication will be key during these events. Each participant will be required to take a turn in the “hot seat” as the main decision maker for a minimum of one simulation event during the class.

Member Price: $2000.00 Non Member Price: $2000.00

  • Anesthesia Procedures Methods and Techniques

Contact Information

Dr. Cameron Ricks UC Irvine Health 836 Health Sciences Rd. Suite 2118 Irvine, CA 92697 United States of America 949-824-8835 (Tel)