May 01
simulation-education Stanford MOCA Part IV Simulation Course (Pediatric-focused)
May 1, 2020
Credits: 8.5

This course is designed to meet the requirement for anesthesia delivery providers and is delivered by leaders in anesthesia and the field of simulation-based training, offering hands-on practice related to current techniques, diagnosis and treatment of difficult anesthesia cases, as well as teamwork in crisis situations through Crisis Resources Management (CRM) training. Learning objectives are: 1. Develop strategies to apply technical skills to appropriately diagnose and treat anesthesia emergencies 2. Develop strategies to apply crisis resource management skills during clinical crisis situations. 3. Develop strategies to apply crisis reflective and self-assessment skills.

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  • Education and Continuous Professional Development

Contact Information

Rosie Hallett Stanford School of Medicine 291 Campus Drive, LK019 Stanford, CA 94305 United States of America 6504984081 (Tel)