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Membership matters and has its perks.

ASA provides members with a wealth of professional development, practice management and quality improvement resources, as well as access to clinical information - all helping to keep you at the top of the profession. 

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Discover the value of ASA Membership:

Benefits at no additional cost! List Price Member Price Savings
Anesthesiology® journal
$799 Included $ 799 
ASAP Weekly e-newsletter
$100 Included $ 100 
ASA MONITOR® monthly newsletter
$150 Included  $ 150
Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation newsletter
$100 Included  $ 100
Anesthesiology journal-based CME program (12 CME credits)
$120 Included  $ 120
NACOR® Quality Reporting via Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR) or Quality Registry (QR)
$1250 Included $ 1250
Wood Library Museum Services
$ 80 Included $ 0 
Coding Assistance
$ 75 Included $ 0 
ANESTHESIOLOGY® 2017 Self-Study Program
$100 Included $ 100 
Manual for Anesthesia Department Organization and Management
$100 Included $ 100 
Increased the anesthesia conversion factor by 25% *
$11340 Included  $ 11340
    Members Save List Price Member Price Savings
    ANESTHESIOLOGY® annual meeting
    $ 1670 $ 690 $ 0
    Anesthesia Quality Meeting
    $ 800 $ 525 $ 0
    $ 1235 $ 525 $ 0
    Coding Combo: Crosswalk® and Relative Value Guide®
    $ 150 $ 115 $ 0
    ACE and SEE programs
    $ 830 each $ 360 each $ 0
    Anesthesia SimSTAT
    $ 350 $ 250 $ 0
    Fundamentals of Patient Safety
    $ 160 $ 120 $ 0
    TOTAL $ 14,004

    Invaluable benefits:

    • Advance the specialty by participating in effective advocacy efforts at the national and local level including grassroots initiatives.  
    • Collaborate and network with peers and thought leaders in the field of anesthesiology.
    • Educate your local media, policymakers and the public about patient-centered, physician-led care and the role physician anesthesiologist play in patient safety with the When Seconds Count… Physician Anesthesiologists Save Lives® toolkit, media relations and social media support and free downloadable patient education brochures.
    • Strengthen your résumé, get involved, and gain leadership experience through faculty opportunities at ASA meetings, editorial boards, committees and focus groups. 
    • ASA was successful in reforming the Medicare anesthesiology teaching payment rule. Our efforts secured $50 million annually to residency programs through 2020.

    *Anesthesia Conversion Factor

    Due to ASA efforts, the 2008 Medicare anesthesia conversion factor increased from $16.19 in 2007 to $19.97 in 2008. Using the QCDR calculator metrics, physician anesthesiologists bill approximately 12,000 units per year and nearly 27 percent of those are to Medicare resulting in an average of $11,340 increase in payments for services provided to Medicare beneficiaries. This increase has exponentially grown each year due to annual incremental increases.

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