Keynote Speaker

Ryan Donohue, Strategic Advisor

Ryan Donohue, Strategic Advisor, Keynote Speaker

Session Title:
Health Care Versus the World
Ryan Donohue, Strategic Advisor, NRC Health

Speaker Bio:
Ryan Donohue is considered a thought leader in the realm of health care consumerism. For two decades, Ryan has conducted extensive research on the effects of consumer-driven health care on care providers. As a Strategic Advisor for NRC Health, Ryan works with the largest surveyor of health care consumers to directly advise a vast array of hospitals, health systems and physician groups across the country. Clients include Mayo Clinic, Baylor Scott & White, Trinity Health, Middlesex Hospital and other health care organizations big and small who want to better adapt to a consumer-powered health care world. Ryan's goal is to persuade providers to consider the consumer point-of-view and adjust their business to better guide and support their patients through their health care journeys.

Session Description:
It seems like everyone is out to get us. Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffet, celebrities of all walks, politicians of both parties, and many other influential Americans have all spoken harsh words about health care. Since the reform era, a bright light has shined upon health care and its providers, and the optics have been harsh. Lackluster experiences, outrageous prices and plenty of egos and infighting have fueled an anti-establishment view of health care among its most critical audience—the patients it serves. We’ll explore what fuels the anti-health care sentiments shared by so many, and along the way we’ll focus on a few bright spots and action steps suitable for those wishing to step out from the dark cloud and forge a more hopeful health care future.

Session Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the themes that drive the anti-health care view
  2. Measure the impact that anti-health care sentiment has on providers and health care organizations
  3. Discuss key behaviors that are proven to combat negativity and encourage positive sentiment
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