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The importance of the PSH Learning Collaborative from the physician’s perspective:


The Perioperative Surgical Home from the patient’s perspective:

“The PSH Learning Collaborative helped us find ways to reduce the length of stay in several of our service lines and reduce the transfer of the patients to skilled nursing facilities.”

-- Benjamin Sherman, M.D., Physician Anesthesiologist, Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital

“In our Perioperative Surgical Home results, we have seen a decrease in readmissions of about 43%. We have had a pain reduction from an average of 3.9 down to 3.2, so our patients are experiencing less pain in the immediate postoperative period. We've also had an increase in patient satisfaction scores after they come back to the office.”

-- Jeffery Angel, M.D., Orthopaedic Surgeon, White River Medical Center

“The big financial piece is not just about the institution, it's about our patients that we care for. How do we impact their lives and what's best for them? We're having to make sure that we balance everything together.”

-- Gary Loyd, M.D., Director Perioperative Surgical Home, Henry Ford Health System