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Timely Topics in Payment and Practice Management


An Introduction to Hierarchical Condition Categories (HCC) (September 2018) (PDF)

ASA Statements/Expert Consensus Documents Relevant to Coding and Billing (August 2018) (PDF)

Evaluation and Management: Changes Ahead (August 2018)  (PDF)

Medicare Payment Systems: Separate but Related (July 2018) (PDF)

Proactively Addressing Physician Burnout (July 2018) (PDF)

Participate in the 2018 Conversion Factor Survey (June 2018) (PDF)

Modifier 51 vs Modifier 59 (May 2018) (PDF)

Submitting Paper Attachments to Medicare Claims (May 2018) (PDF)

Your MIPS Score Sticks With You (April 2018) (PDF)

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Continued (April 2018) (PDF)

The Perioperative Surgical Home Learning Collaborative 2020: Helping Institutions Meet the Demands of a Rapidly Approaching Health Care Paradigm (March 2018) (PDF)

Key Performance Indicators: How Do You Measure Up? (March 2018) (PDF)

New Medicare Cards Transition Begins April 1, 2018 – Will You Be You Ready? (February 2018) (PDF)

Update to 2018 ASA CROSSWALK® Entries for Procedure Codes 45330 and 45378 (February 2018) (PDF)

The 2018 MGMA Compensation and Production Survey is Now Open! (January 2018)  (PDF)


Making a List … for 2018 (December 2017)

Practice Management Tips and Tools - Building a Strong Appeal (November 2017)

Practice Management Tips and Tools - Denial Management 101 (November 2017)

Practice Management Tips and Tools – Determining Medical Necessity (October 2017)

Practice Management Tips and Tools – “We Cannot Tell You How to Bill for That!” (October 2017)

Who Will be a Target for Probe and Educate? (September 2017)

Medicare ID Numbers: Out with the Old and In with the New! (September 2017)

Today’s Anesthesia Administrator - Today’s Challenges (August 2017)

What You Need to Know about “Incident To” (August 2017)

00530, 00534, or 00537: Which Code Should I Report? (July 2017)

Medicare Updates the Advance Beneficiary Notice (July 2017)

Participate in the 2017 ASA Conversion Factor Survey (June 2017) 

Introducing the INSIGHTS + INNOVATIONS (i2) Conference (June 2017) 

New Requirement – Reporting Services in Global Period (May 2017)

Keeping the ASA CROSSWALK Up To Date (May 2017)

Got Credentialing? (April 2017) 

Part-Time, Job-Sharing Arrangements (April 2017)

CMS Changes Direction on Non-Face-to-Face Services (March 2017) 

NGS and TEE: Your CAC Reps at Work! (March 2017)

New Players in the Payment Process (February 2017) 

Resident Focused: Anesthesia Practice Types – Academic Anesthesiology (February 2017)

NCDs, LCDs and the MCD: How to Learn What CMS Does or Does Not Cover (January 2017)

For Your 2017 “To Do” List (January 2017)


“EOBeware”! (December 2016)

Modifier Mania (November 2016)

Anesthesia Care Not Typically Required (November 2016)

Physicians and the Social Security Number Removal Initiative (October 2016) 

Performance and Documentation of Imaging Guidance (October 2016)

Medical direction versus Medical Supervision (September 2016)

Does the Future Include Unwrapping the Global Surgical Package? (September 2016)

The Silent M in CMS packs a Big Punch (September 2016) 

Avoiding Fraud and Abuse: Follow the Rules of the Road (August 2016)

Revalidation Notices: Do Not Ignore Them! (July 2016) 

New ICD-10-CM Codes for Unintended Awareness Under General Anesthesia (July 2016)

Updates to the Recovery Audit Program (June 2016) 

CMS Policy Change: Unused or Discarded Drugs (June 2016) 

MACRA Implementation: Pulse Checks along the Way (May 2016) 

Is Your ICD-10 Transition Still on Track? (May 2016)

Medicare Appeals Process (April 2016)

Advance Beneficiary Notices (April 2016)

CMS HOP Panel (March 2016)

CMS explains change to 2016 conversion factors (March 2016)

Medicare’s Final Rule: Reporting and Returning of Overpayments (February 2016)

The A B C’s [and D] of Medicare (February 2016)

National Correct Coding Initiative Policy Manual for Medicare Services (January 2016)

Coding for Nitrous Oxide for Labor Analgesia (January 2016)


2015 Timely Topics Word Puzzle (December 2015)

Are You Reporting Paravertebral Facet Joint Nerve Destruction Correctly? (December 2015)

Is Locum Tenens a 60-Day Fix for Your Practice? (November 2015)

Why Did the Medicare Conversion Factor Go Down for 2016 When MACRA Said It Would Go Up by 0.5%? (November 2015)

Anesthesia Services and the OIG Work Plan (November 2015)

Commercial Payers and the ICD-10-CM Transition (September 2015)

ICD-10-CM: The Devil Is In the Details (September 2015)

CMS/AMA Guidance on ICD-10 Transition: What Does It Really Mean? (August 2015)

ICD-10-CM Testing- Don’t Skip This Essential Step (August 2015)

The Vital Signs of Your Practice: Days in Accounts Receivable (July 2015)

What can Certified Anesthesiologist Assistants Bring to Your Practice? (July 2015)

Have You Mapped Your Most Commonly Reported ICD-9-CM Codes to ICD-10-CM? (June 2015)

Ten Questions to Ask Yourself about ICD-10-CM (June 2015)

MACRA’s Impact Starts Before 2019 (May 2015) 

OIG Issues Report on Incorrect Place of Service Codes on Claims (May 2015)

Modifications to Medicare’s MUE Program (April 2015)

What Anesthesiologists Need to Know about Reporting E&M or TCM (April 2015)

Tools and Resources: Staying Up-To-Date with the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (April 2015)

Medicare Provider Enrollment Programs: General Information and New Policies (April 2015)

How Do You See the Payment Landscape Post SGR? (March 2015) 

ICD-10: Resources to Help in Your Transition (February 2015)

MACs and Facet Joint Injections (January 15, 2015)


CMS Announces Next Opportunity for ICD-10 Testing (December 2014)

ASC X12: Electronic Health Data Interchange Standards (December 2014)

ICD-10-CM Mapping Guide (December 2014)

CAC 101 (November 2014)

The ABC’s of ABN (November 2014)

Exchange 101 (November 2014)

Bundled Payments for Care Improvement Initiative (BPCI) (September 2014)

New Specific HCPCS Modifiers for Distinct Procedural Services (Modifier 59) (September 2014)

ICD‐10: Getting Ready for October 1, 2015 (August 2014)

Change is NOW: Learn More About Bundled Payments (August 2014)

Revalidation (August 2014)

Resident Track (July 2014)

Modifier 50 (July 2014)

Tools and Resources: Star Your Favorites (July 2014)

Open Payments (June 2014)

Exclusive Contracts and Closed/Open Departments (June 2014)

Reporting E&M Services and Anesthesia Services Together in the Pre‐operative Period (June 2014)

Tense about ICD-10? (June 2014)

Modifier 59 – Distinct Procedural Service (May 2014)

NGS Announces Prepayment Review for Specific Evaluation and Management Services (May 2014)

How Graceful is the Grace Period? (May 2014)

ICD-10-CM/PCS Delay: What Does It Mean To You? (April 2014)

The Company Model: Update on ASA Efforts to Address a Growing Problem (April 2014)

ICD-10 Readiness Testing (March 2014) 

Medical Education Debt Management (March 2014)

Value-Based Payment Modifier (February 2014)

Integrating Anesthesiologist Assistants Into Your Practice (February 2014)

The Rulemaking Process and the Medicare Fee Schedule (January 2014)


Meaningful Use - Stage 2 Extension and Stage 3 Delay (December 2013)

RACS - Be in the Know (November 2013)

The Aging Anesthesiologist (November 2013)

Protected Health Information (October 2013)

ICD‐10‐CM/PCS: Thirteen Months and Counting….. (September 2013)

Anesthesiologist Assistants and the QZ Modifier (July 2013)

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